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  • Oh, yeah, No, no.

  • A peaceful protest of teachers and students soon gave way to chaos.

  • Yeah, security forces opened fire to break up their sit in demonstration in the city of Mandalay, sending the crowd scattering through the streets.

  • Clouds of tear gas filling the air where their protests chance had earlier echoed among the victims of the violence.

  • A 19 year old woman who was shot in the head.

  • Friends and relatives gathered in grief around her coffin just hours later to mourn yet another life lost.

  • Yeah, okay.

  • Reports accumulated throughout the day on local and social media of many more protesters killed and wounded, most of them in Yangon but also in smaller cities like Manuela, where video images showed security forces carrying limp bodies on a blood soaked street.

  • The U.

  • N Security Council is due to discuss the escalating crisis on Friday.

  • Mhm wait.

  • So far, it has failed to condemn the military coup that overthrew Myanmar's democratically elected government on February 1st, and with the hunter unbowed by the sanctions put in place by national governments, it looks like it will take much stronger action to end the brutal crackdown against the demonstrators I'm Phil Gayle.

  • Welcome to the program.

  • Reports from Myanmar indicate that several people have been shot dead at pro democracy demonstrations, the latest in a deadly crackdown by the military who are feared to have killed at least 21 people at demonstrations since seizing power at just over a month ago.

  • Several people were wounded as protesters clashed with security forces in cities around the country.

  • Witnesses and local media say Police opened fire and used tear gas to disperse demonstrators.

  • Security forces have also arrested hundreds.

  • Mhm a few few thought is an activist in Yangon.

  • Welcome to D.

  • W.

  • I know you've been out on the streets today.

  • What's it been like?

  • Okay, uh, today the situation is getting worse.

  • Day by day on the street there are crowded, but this is because and they're killing people more and more day by day, it is clearly it is the macros and this and this is not neither.

  • This is.

  • Neither was on a better ground anymore.

  • And they are already killing debates like the we are.

  • We are in words and we are fighting against people who has the guns, and we have We have bare hands?

  • Yes, because you go out there, you're you're unarmed and your peaceful, But you're You're saying that the police Or is it the police or the army shooting both both police and army.

  • But the army both.

  • They're they're both now they are the terrorist organizations.

  • Now they are killing people.

  • It's all people.

  • They are now.

  • And now that it has turned deadly, will you continue to protest in the streets?

  • Well, of course, we have to continue doing protesting because this is what one of the things we can do to get our true democracy right now so we will not stop it, Uh, if needed.

  • If require, we we may need to fight back and take the less man less.

  • Yes.

  • And how does it work then?

  • Our people out on the streets all day and all night?

  • Or do you sort of does it happening in groups at different times?

  • Different cities, different parts of the day?

  • Um, yes, we there are different in most of the in some townships.

  • We started the most people demonstration in the morning.

  • And, uh, until around five.

  • Pm because they have, they have they have made this announcement that we have coming from eight.

  • PM to morning, 6 p.m. So So any time they can come.

  • And you know, any time they can come and grab the people and sent to the J.

  • So So we started in the morning and we end in the evenings.

  • Yes.

  • Well, thank you for joining us and letting us know what's going on there.

  • A few few thought in Yangon.

  • Yeah.

  • Thank you.

Oh, yeah, No, no.

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