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  • How does it work?

  • Because all of us, as you can tell, I'm here in an abandoned theater.

  • You look too.

  • I think you broke into an abandoned theater you broke into, and we both broke into these theaters to meet each other, Uh, for this illicit tryst.

  • Uh, I'm curious.

  • I know what it's like working during covid.

  • It is very strange, but it's pretty simple.

  • I talked to you on Zoom.

  • I do some comedy on Zoom were.

  • Okay.

  • How do you do this show during covid?

  • I mean, you're constantly surrounded by zombie extras.

  • People dressed as zombies.

  • Have they all been tested?

  • Yeah, they've been very compliant, actually.

  • The zombies they've been, uh, all negative for covid positive.

  • Still for zombie, They've been really good at, uh, playing along with all of our covid protocol.

  • Um, it is just a trip to because everybody, when this all started, their like, Lauren will know what to do.

  • She's been she's lived through a zombie apocalypse for 10 years.

  • And I'd love to say that everybody was joking, I really think.

  • And I said, I'm going on Amazon and buying bottled water just like the rest of you Yes, I know it's so funny that I hadn't thought of this before hand, but, uh, your show really is about the spreading of this virus and people turning into zombies.

  • It makes covid look just downright boring.

  • Um, but it's so weird to me that you have all these people dressed up hundreds of extras dressed up like zombies who've caught this virus, and then they all have to get nasal swabs to test before they can shoot a scene.

  • Okay, you're a zombie, but you're you don't have covid so you can come on through.

  • Um, I know you're probably aware that I I got to, uh, to become friendly with your former costar.

  • Yes, Steven Yeun.

  • And, uh, he and I had a great trip to Korea together, and I got to see up close what a terrific guy he is.

  • And, um, we had this really nice experience, but you guys made it very special for him when he was leaving the show.

  • You you went to a lot of trouble.

  • You and your cast mates went to a lot of trouble to sort of make it an occasion.

  • Well, it's no trouble.

  • It's It was the moment that I think we are.

  • Still, that was still the hottest goodbye we've ever had on this show.

  • I won't even talk about it too much because it's interesting because his son being back his on his his on screen son has brought up so many memories for everybody of Stephen being here.

  • And, uh, you know, we do these like death dinners for everybody.

  • So we'll have sort of like a civilized thing.

  • And everybody will give nice speeches.

  • And we knew for Steven and from Michael Cudlitz, who left in the same episode.

  • We wanted to do something extra special.

  • Um, and as you guys know, from your cape up days, you and Steve, Steven and I did shoot.

  • I'll tell the viewers that don't know.

  • Steven and I did shoot a K pop video together.

  • It took about 24 hours to shoot.

  • It nearly killed us.

  • Um and, uh, but I know that that that man loves to He loves to dance.

  • He loves to sing.

  • He's really into it.

  • Yeah, he is really into it.

  • And we basically got together and all the girls sort of thought we might have been denies.

  • Idea actually, And we just thought, What's the best way that we can sort of send these guys off?

  • And so we had a party at our producer's house and we all disappear to go and get our costumes on and learn like the final pieces of are absolutely atrocious dance routine to slowly re enter the house one by one, verse by verse to perform Backstreet Boys.

  • I want it that way.

  • And Stephen was actually crying.

  • We were dressed up as Michael Cudlitz character with orange moustache is and orange wig.

  • I have the picture.

  • I have the picture right here.

  • I have you guys.

  • Someone took a picture and I've never seen this video and everything allowed to show the video.

  • Yeah, you're not allowed to show the video.

  • And, uh, but I thought this was a rare photo behind the scenes.

  • If you guys saying goodbye to Stephen, uh, and his character, Glenn and you're all dressed as Backstreet Boys.

  • But you've added, um, you've added orange moustache is which is a beautiful added orange ones that just so where Abraham and that that T shirt is a photo that Stephen took his favorite zombie on the show.

  • And it's the zombie, just like sparking a cigarette and smoking, which is one of the best things on on our set.

  • It's like seeing a zombie in a Dr Pepper or zombie bathing or just like the most random things that they'll do that.

  • Yeah, yeah.

  • You guys have had such adventures, You and Stephen.

  • I mean, you're you're spot.

  • Yeah, we went to a spa together.

  • We were.

  • We were We were naked together at a spa.

  • We spot here in Los Angeles, and, um, he took me and, uh, he said you're going to have an experience.

  • He took me to the spa and and he also he's That's the night he stole my heart.

  • And, uh, we had a really intense time.

  • That was before we went to Korea together.

  • So that's how it starts.

  • When men go to a spa together and they spend some time with each other's bodies, it ends up with them traveling around the world together.

  • Let's take this to the next level.

  • Please Wait.

  • Yes.

How does it work?

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