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  • in Myanmar.

  • Police have broken up demonstrations in several places with tear gas and gunfire, but there is no immediate word on casualties.

  • The French president, Emmanuel Macron, has repeated his call for an immediate end to repression and respect for the democratic choice of the Myanmar people.

  • He tweeted that France is at your side.

  • Hundreds of Mourners this morning have attended a funeral for a 19 year old protester whose face has gone viral on social media.

  • Angel, known as Gel Sin, was among 38 protesters killed yesterday.

  • She was shot in the head while on the streets of Mandalay are Southeast Asia.

  • Correspondent Jonathan Head is following the story from Bangkok.

  • It is remarkable that people are out occupying the streets again after what was done to them yesterday.

  • And I think the level scale of the violence yesterday and the way in which people were gunned down were rounded up in mass arrests and was savagely beaten, really laid open the strategy of the military authorities, which is, I think, to put it bluntly, simply to terrorize people back off the streets to try to regain control of a country that is now in a nationwide uprising.

  • Whatever the cost, there was no attempt whatsoever to minimize casualties.

  • And indeed, videos we've seen circulating on social media show both police and soldiers gloating over the fact that they intend to go out and kill people.

  • They're making it very obvious.

  • Most of those killed yesterday had either head or chest wounds.

  • This is a deliberate shoot to kill policy.

  • And yet people are out again.

  • And when we talk about them coming out, you need to understand how the strategies evolved.

  • They're not just rallying and marching in now.

  • They're actually barricading their neighborhoods, sometimes quite impressively, in a sense, to deny the military government the control on the ground.

  • And that's what the police and army have been going in to try to stop.

  • But those barricades are becoming bigger and harder to move.

  • So this is actually a real fight going on for control of Myanmar between its people, I mean huge numbers of whom support this movement and a military that is still struggling to assert its authority.

  • Jonathan does it seem that the violence from the military and the deaths are making people even more likely to come out on the streets that people were more angry.

  • Or is there any sense that that it's acting as a deterrent and that fear is putting people off?

  • I suppose it probably depends on on the individuals.

  • Look, lots of people are still coming out.

  • Young people, people who say that you know they've got to do this now This is remember an incomplete coo.

  • It's not.

  • The military is not established this authority, it's not yet recognized internationally.

  • And these these protesters going out there feel that if they don't stop the military now, the country is going to be cast back into the ghastly years of repression and military rule that they experienced back in the 19 seventies eighties and nineties.

  • And that's what why they're willing to come out and risk their lives.

  • And to some degree, you know, they're accepting the fact that some of them are going to be killed.

in Myanmar.

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Defiant Myanmar anti-coup protesters return a day after 38 are killed - BBC News

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/04
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