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  • It's a good life that I provide here.

  • I've been good to you.

  • Then you understand why it's hard for me to accept

  • that you just want to leave.

  • Our home is always open to friends.

  • -Who is your guest, Ajay? -Oh, you're the gem dealer.

  • He is the gem dealer. My husband, Alain.

  • We have a network of couriers throughout Asia

  • and Western Europe.

  • Which is how we are able to offer such attractive prices.

  • To friends.

  • To friends.

  • -To friends. -What's wrong with us?

  • To friends.

  • I'm looking for two backpackers.

  • I work for the Dutch embassy.

  • Their families haven't heard from them in over two months.

  • I have letters they wrote home in which they both describe

  • meeting a French gem dealer based out of Bangkok.

  • Do they name this French gem dealer?

  • No. But if this killer is not found, people are in danger.

  • What is my risk next to that?

  • What is your risk?

  • See, this is what he does.

  • He robs. Kills. Forges victims' passports.

  • He's the man known as the Serpent, Asia's most notorious killer.

  • What did you make me do?

  • You are a killer too.

  • Nobody has ever caught me.

  • I expected to feel great guilt.

  • I did not. I felt free.

It's a good life that I provide here.

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