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  • should Rockets fans boo James Harden tonight?

  • Yeah, that's right.

  • James Harden making his return to Houston.

  • There's going to be, I think, 4500 fans in attendance.

  • It's his first time back since January when he was traded to the Nets, which somehow feels like that was three years ago.

  • But I guess was only a couple of months, whatever.

  • So the question is, should they boo him?

  • And my answer is a resounding no.

  • And here's the thing.

  • I understand.

  • It's frustrating.

  • I understand that the Rockets have lost, what, 11 in a row, that they're not doing great and that you could see it as James Harden, who broke the team.

  • I understand things were messy right before he left.

  • Here's the thing.

  • If there's anything that this last year has taught us, it should be that life is short.

  • This is the second best player in the history of your franchise.

  • Tilman Fertitta has said they are going to retire his jersey.

  • He is iconic to your franchise.

  • He loves your city during the recent issues in Texas is the word I'll use to sum it up as quickly as possible.

  • He was very active in the community, making sure that he was providing as much as he could and helping people out because he still feels connected to that city.

  • And, sure, as a fan, you can be mad if you feel mad at him.

  • You're justified in that.

  • But I would say that staying mad is only harming you and the fact that we haven't been able to have fans at all at games for a season to now have the ability to go to a game and to use that chance to let a guy know that you're mad about something he did a couple of months ago.

  • That's just gonna make you guys look petty in the long run.

  • You're gonna celebrate them when they retire his jersey.

  • I know nothing.

  • I'm saying it's going to make any difference, and they're probably going to boo him anyway.

  • Somebody else talk.

  • You know, it's pretty.

  • It's problematic for me because I've been sitting here counting the number of rings that Tom Brady one for you and your fan base before he left to Tampa Bay.

  • And you know what?

  • It's more than one right?

  • It's more than zero, actually, and that's how many.

  • James Harden brought the fans of Houston.

  • And so what I would say is, if I am just a citizen of Houston, I'm not doing James Harden.

  • If I am a Houston Rockets fan, I'm booing the bejesus out of him because not only did he not get you where the fans thought he would get you as a scoring leader as an M v P, he got it to the Western Conference finals and say what you will about it being Chris Paul's fault for getting hurt.

  • James Harden infamously has the games where he did not perform when it mattered in the playoffs.

  • But here's why.

  • I would do him not because he didn't perform in the playoffs because he destroyed your franchise and there are other ways to get out of this thing.

  • There are other ways to move on.

  • Look at Bradley Beal.

  • He might move on.

  • He might not, But look, the Wizards are not a ruined franchise.

  • This Rockets franchises absolutely ruined.

  • He was everything to that franchise, and now that franchise is absolutely nothing.

  • Their best player, Christian would.

  • He thought he was gonna have a breakout season come to get a little bit more of a spotlight.

  • Now he's on one of the worst teams that hasn't won since February, and he's back to having no attention whatsoever after coming back from his injury.

  • So if I'm a rocket man, I'm looking at this like, not only did you not live up to expectations, not only did we not even get to the finals when it felt like we were the best team one of those warriors years, but you left and you set the place on fire.

  • Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and boo.

  • And if I'm one of those 4500, I'm gonna boo even louder because I feel like he's gonna hear me more than he would have any other year.

  • My general opinion on these things is that you shouldn't boo here like these are people making decisions for their lives.

  • I understand.

  • Like, as he said, they're going to boo the ever loving how out of them in this spot.

  • And I can see the reasons why The thing I would disagree with is there are other ways to do this.

  • Like Bradley Beal is a great example, because guess where he still is in the middle of that Wizards team that he would probably like to not be on and that we would like to see him someplace else.

  • Not on at that point.

  • And this is the difficulty we're seeing happen in the NFL right now.

  • There aren't a lot of ways to force your way out of these spots when you're a player in the current set up in the current landscape of all of this, and so I can look.

  • Now James Harden has more than justified his desire and his reasons for wanting to leave.

  • We've seen that apparent, and we've seen it born out already in a short sample size in Brooklyn, and so that's the only thing I disagree with that there was another way for James Harden to get what he wanted in the timeline that he needed for this to happen.

  • Well, I was laughing at this part because he was pointing at the other departures in Houston and saying, Hey, I could have done it differently.

  • As if the Shawn Watson, now granted he's doing.

  • A lot of people are on the on side here, right, getting out of the Texans franchise.

  • But he's doing it the same way loud public and basically tearing down the franchise on the way out, because now we're examining every element of that front office and saying, Hey, the Texans are garbage franchise.

  • These guys do deserve to leave So I'm not sure exactly what he was saying.

  • It sounds like he wanted to be like J.

  • J.

  • Watt and just have everybody sounds like his point.

  • His point is a little bit salty, but his point is decisions doing it, and nobody's not taking his side.

  • Everyone's on his side.

  • I didn't and everyone's like I ruined the franchise.

  • Why don't you take a hard look at that front Office of the Rockets?

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should Rockets fans boo James Harden tonight?

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