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  • The graph of Tiger Woods has peaks and troughs that taken the deepest oceans and the highest mountains.

  • And that is why he has been such a compelling figure that none of us have been able to take our eyes from Tiger.

  • Woods has been intrinsic to the game of golf in the 21st century, when you consider that golf has always been a traditional white, middle class game for a kid, a black kid to come onto the scene in the way that he did, he had made himself the biggest sports star in the world.

  • But then he had to undergo serious surgery on his left leg.

  • And actually, that was the start of the downward cycle, if you like.

  • As far as his career was concerned at that stage, in 2000 and nine in November, promos started to circulate about Tiger Woods Fidelity.

  • His wife, Elin, found out about the affair.

  • As Tiger Woods was sleeping, Tiger Woods finally broke his silence.

  • He issued a written statement yesterday, but that's not gonna satisfy authorities, who still have plenty of questions about exactly what happened here last Friday morning.

  • He was woken.

  • He panicked.

  • He ran for his car.

  • He reversed out of his drive.

  • He hit a fire hydrant.

  • That accident and all of the scenes around that precipitated probably the biggest downfall that any sports star has ever suffered.

  • I am deeply sorry from my irresponsible and selfish behavior.

  • And then it was really, from there, a case of one step forward, one step back in terms of injuries and throughout that period, also trying to repair his reputation, he'd had recurring back problems.

  • He thought his career was probably over, and the prognosis was not good.

  • But then he underwent a back fusion operation, and that saved his career.

  • He was suddenly contending he had four knee operations in this period as well.

  • Three back procedures and and then it became too much.

  • Um, and in 2017, he was in such discomfort.

  • Police officers found his car parked on the side of a road in the middle of the night and found him incoherent.

  • He ultimately pleaded guilty to reckless driving and was duly punished.

  • That told us that he had an issue with painkillers and he needed to go back to to rehab, and when he came back from that, the eyes were clearer.

  • The focus was was there.

  • And, of course, that all became the precursor to what we now must suspect is the absolute crowning moment of his career, which was winning the Masters in 2019.

  • Golf legend Tiger Woods, one of the world's most famous athletes, is in a Los Angeles area hospital tonight with serious leg injuries.

  • Having heard the nature of the injuries, we can say with certainty that he faces another enormous challenge to be able to play golf again.

  • He leaves a colossal void, and we can only hope that the trend of bouncing back can can continue.

The graph of Tiger Woods has peaks and troughs that taken the deepest oceans and the highest mountains.

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Tiger Woods: Car crashes and comebacks - BBC News

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