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  • this morning.

  • The power crisis in Texas, entering its fourth painful day prolonged record called This buckled the state's power grid, knocking out electricity for millions of people for days, desperate for basic essentials.

  • James, you're returning to Houston in the wake of the community being devastated by a winter storm that left people without food without power.

  • Why did you feel the need to step in and help?

  • Because I feel like Houston is still a part of me, Um, community wise.

  • Obviously, I did some pretty amazing things on the court, but off the court I was hopefully as impactful as I was on the court and with this winter storm, you know, it's probably probably crazier than Harvey in the sense of so many people were affected and still affected.

  • And so I feel like me trying to provide as much food and water as I can and, you know, re plumbing of these people's homes and and so they can live and, you know, in their homes and be safe and, uh, and be happy.

  • It's something I felt like it was needed to do this year in Houston, he said.

  • The team isn't good enough situation is crazy.

  • It's something that I don't think can be fixed.

  • Breaking news James Harden has been traded.

  • You said that you wish that your exit from Houston had gone a little bit more smoothly.

  • What was it like to balance that emotionally with wanting out of the franchise but also having this connection with all of these people there?

  • You know, I thought I would never leave that franchise.

  • I thought I was going to Houston, obviously, for the rest of my career, things happen.

  • I have different goals.

  • And, you know, I just seen a different vision for myself and my career.

  • My family, like I said, it doesn't change the fact how I feel about that city.

  • I always do whatever it takes to help, you know, if I can.

  • When you go back to Houston, they're going to be thousands of fans there.

  • How do you expect, or maybe hope to be received?

  • I hope I received with love, love and the appreciation that I've given to that city, and I still give to that city hoping that the favorite can be returned.

  • What did you learn?

  • Do you think from coming up short in Houston that you can apply here in Brooklyn.

  • As you guys chase fulfilling a championship aspiration, you have to stay together.

  • And that's what truly brings out a great team.

  • You've seen that and every championship team, their togetherness.

  • It's like you can't break that bond these teams are building, and I want to create that here in Brooklyn.

  • James, When you came to Brooklyn, there were so many questions about how you would adapt how you would fit in next to Kyrie, Irving and Kevin Durant.

  • Can you just walk me through the process of trying to tweak your game a little bit?

  • There's always gonna be people talking about.

  • Can they fit in?

  • Can they make it work?

  • Can it happen?

  • Like one thing about me, I can fit in any situation on any team playing alongside any player just because I my game is very versatile, Kevin being out, I got to score a little bit more than a little bit more aggressive.

  • Um, and then, obviously, when Kevin gets back, um, I want Kevin to go out there and average 35 40 points.

  • You know you can put me in the situation and I'll be great.

  • It's not like they're gonna be the best ever by a little bit.

  • The Nets are going to have the best offense in the history of American team sports by far.

  • It's gonna be scary.

  • When you came here, you coined the phrase scary hours to describe this team.

  • How does the way you all have been playing over the last couple of games stack up to that vision of scary hours?

  • Guys are counting us out and and doubting us and thinking we're not going to be great, you know when you know or some certain players are out.

  • And so potential is gonna be scarier when you know when Kevin gets back.

  • But for right now, we're holding it down.

  • And then, uh, we're coming together as a team.

  • I feel like the league has already been put on notice.

  • Yeah, I think they know.

  • But when Katie gets back is a definite grandmothers.

  • Yes, thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

this morning.

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James Harden hopes he receives love from Rockets fans in his 1st game back in Houston | SportsCenter

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