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  • Chris, you've been very successful.

  • Uh, you have really made a name for yourself.

  • You're very well respected comedic performer and a very funny and and and agile mind.

  • Yet I find this tragic when you search your name on audible and you've done you know, you're a big you're a big name.

  • When you search your name inaudible.

  • Only porn comes up only porn.

  • Yeah.

  • Look at this.

  • This is right here.

  • We have older slut, banged hard.

  • Um, hard as it gets, This has to do with your last name.

  • Is that right?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I think I think maybe the first time we met we we got a good laugh out of the fact that my last name does spell out the words Get hard.

  • That's just a true sad fact about my life.

  • So when you search my name inaudible Yeah, the number one search result is older.

  • Slut gets banged hard because get and harder both in there.

  • But the thing that makes me really sad because I've been hearing that joke since middle school.

  • Yeah, I can get used to that thing that makes me really sad is I've written three books and that.

  • Like, I wish that was at least number four.

  • You know, I wish older slut gets banged hard came in after my actual written works.

  • I don't even think I'm in the top five of books that come up when you search together.

  • It's all pornography, right?

  • It does occur to me that if you did porn, your name would be at the top.

  • Talk about a cash cow right there.

  • Because your name is get hard, and then you could put get hard in the title.

  • And, you know, I bet there's tons of people watching right now looking at this going, Yeah, let's make that happen.

  • I really want this guy to segue into a pornography career.

  • Don't put it down.

  • I'm Listen, Chris.

  • I am also pigment challenged.

  • I'm a very pale, sickly person.

  • I tried it like in the eighties for a year or two and, uh, didn't go well, but it didn't go horribly.

  • Is there any parody porn about you?

  • That's a big thing.

  • Parody Porn, right?

  • Uh, yeah.

  • I don't know that there is.

  • I mean, let's put that out there again.

  • To the to the viewers.

  • If if anyone out there knows of any Conan with Bonin Moanin, um, you know, Please don't make me do the work for you.

  • Let's just find if it's out there because I want my cut Talk about teaching they only a piece.

  • You know, if not if they find some super tall redhead guy who looks like you and they give him a sidekick.

  • And they named the sidekick like Brandy Victor.

  • And then they started that.

  • That that would be That would be amazing.

  • Would you want Would you watch it?

  • Yes, I would.

  • Yes, I would.

  • I would watch it repeatedly.

  • I'd watch it long after.

  • Um, people could even think that it was I was doing it.

  • Ironically, they would just become clear that I was addicted to that Pornography.

Chris, you've been very successful.

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Chris Gethard Gets X-Rated Search Results On Audible - CONAN on TBS

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/03/02
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