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  • beware.

  • He the top five team heading into fog.

  • Allen Baylor has learned that.

  • Lesson.

  • Number 17.

  • Kansas handing second ranked Baylor its first loss of the season.

  • 71 58.

  • David McCormick 20 points in the Jayhawks win Bill Self, now running his record to 10 and one in home games against top five teams.

  • Bears play in just their second game after that long Covid 19.

  • Lay off.

  • You look at the road ahead, the Big 12 top heavy now, and the Bears close out their season.

  • This week you got three tough ones on the slate.

  • You make a trip to Morgantown.

  • Here's the top 10 West Virginia team We're closing out with home games against Oak State and Texas Tech.

  • Now, all the games can be seen on the ESPN family networks.

  • It's time to get coached up on SportsCenter AM.

  • Seth Greenberg is with us, and coach Baylor is ready for February to be over.

  • They played only three games this month after Covid 19 issues shut the program down.

  • They were sluggish in the loss to Kansas.

  • So how concerned should Scott drew be about his team's rhythm?

  • Right now, he's a head coach.

  • He is concerned because all head coaches are concerned.

  • But I don't think he's overly concerned that you're talking about.

  • The Baylor team does absolutely destroyed by the virus.

  • They didn't have contact tracing, all right, They had a good majority of the team with the virus and teams that have come off that virus.

  • I'll tell you one thing.

  • They have really struggled.

  • They've struggled defensively.

  • They struggled with their endurance and their ability to stay in the moment and compete for long periods of time.

  • Taking nothing away from Kansas.

  • Kansas was absolutely phenomenal, but that wasn't a Baylor team.

  • We've seen all season long you're talking about.

  • They were 6 to 16 for the three point line.

  • There were 42% 3 point shooting team.

  • They weren't efficient offensively.

  • They weren't connected defensively.

  • They weren't as assertive as they usually are.

  • They didn't compete the way they usually do.

  • I say it's the fire virus.

  • It'll take them time to settle in.

  • But Baylor will be fine.

  • The Big 12 tournament is just 10 days away.

  • Let's get west, though, because after Baylor's lost last night, it's Gonzaga remaining.

  • The only unbeaten coach is there anyone you think could beat this Bulldog squad.

  • Yeah, there is.

  • But let's talk about Gonzaga first.

  • Come on Gonzaga team that flows incredibly from their transition game right into their offense.

  • Offensively, this is an elite team they can play through through Timmy.

  • They shoot over 66% from the two point line, but they have floor point gamers and shot makers all over the floor.

  • But in transition, they accepted.

  • They don't be in transition.

  • Then they beat you in the paint.

  • Oh, they don't be in the paint.

  • Then Corey Casper jumps up and knocks down three point shots.

  • Oh, that doesn't bother.

  • What about your own Suggs, who can come off a ball screen, get downhill and finished with a little bit of authority?

  • But the team that can beat them is Michigan White Michigan.

  • Well, first and foremost, if you're gonna take a team out of transition, the best way to do is be efficient.

  • Offensively, Michigan is extremely efficient.

  • Offensively, they can play through the post 100 Dickinson.

  • They got floor gamers all over the floor.

  • Every time Isaiah Liver shoots the ball, you think it's going in.

  • But then, on the other end.

  • Defensively, they can keep you in front and they can have a matchup for kids.

  • But Wilkinsburg goes to four for Gonzaga.

  • Franz Wagner is one of the best defenders in the country.

  • He's a 6 ft nine inch hybrid forward.

  • They have a match up there.

  • They can own the tempo of the game, play through the post.

  • I think this Michigan team can and has might have an opportunity to beat.

  • Gonzaga can be really interesting to see where those two powerhouses end up come selection Sunday.

  • It's just the second time in the last 40 seasons where the Bulldogs are the nation's last remaining unbeaten.

  • That is Seth Greenberg with the end.

  • Decide on SportsCenter AM Coach.

  • What do we say at the end of the thank you, Randall?

  • And you are welcome, America.

  • Yes, sir.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.


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