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  • Can you just hit that "on" switch for me?

  • No!

  • God, turn it off!

  • I'm gonna get fired again!

  • Give me your jacket! Jacket!

  • Why?

  • You seen these dudes right here? They stole my car.

  • -But the police are there though. -They're not helping at all.

  • Sometimes you just gotta

  • Holy s***!

  • -I'm sinking. Get some butter. -What?

  • Shit!

  • Finally time for that road trip.

  • I'm talking NYC!

  • Shouldn't take my sister's car. She's crazy. She will kill us.

  • Keep your mouth shut.

  • Snitches get stitches!

  • We got four whole days.

  • We can kick back, relax, and breathe in America.

  • We are the only Black people in here.

  • -I'd like to make a toast! -What you doing up there?

  • -Get down! -I love you all--

  • -Are you all right? -Come on, get up.

  • What is this? The zoo?

  • Come on, man. You know I love zoos!

  • -I'm getting a selfie with the gorilla. -No!

  • -Oh, my goodness! -He's a human being!

  • Oh, Lord have mercy!

  • Why are our dicks in a Chinese finger trap?

  • Get the f*** out of here!

  • -Oh, my-- -That was the craziest shit ever.

  • We're going to jail! That's a stolen car!

  • Maybe we can get somebody to help us fix it.

  • Help!

  • What y'all looking at? Mind your goddamn business!

  • Ma'am! Please pull him up.

  • Go stand under the damn thing.

  • -I can't stand under him! -I'm from these streets!

  • People from the street don't hang people from roofs!


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Bad Trip starring Eric Andre, Lil Rel Howery & Tiffany Haddish | Official Trailer | Netflix

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