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  • We're right going through Hammersmith and Fulham as we speak.

  • And they, too, are frustrated with these low traffic network neighborhoods.

  • And just recently, the Daily Mail posted are published this article that said that Hammersmith and Fulham Council is accused of being quote unquote greedy after expanding an L T N scheme, finding drivers £130 for entering a neighborhood without a permit.

  • Imagine that 100 and £30 fine And this, I think, is why Mark was so frustrated in Ealing when he voiced over his concerns to me when I was there on Tuesday.

  • This week he said, Brian, I'm being fined from trying to visit my grandmother and take care of her.

  • These are people that are frustrated because their leaders aren't in touch and their grand scheme plans are actually penalizing the citizens, and they don't have the extra £130 to pay to the government in these difficult times.

  • And the Daily Mail article continues and says quote, motorists have been badly affected, facing hours in gridlock as a result of road changes and roadworks which have made driving a night mare experience.

  • So Hammersmith, we feel you.

  • We're trying to change this, and I will rethink all of the low traffic neighborhoods when I become your next mayor.

  • We will start on May 7th.

  • Also, Hammersmith knows how frustrating the Hammersmith Bridge closure has been since 2019.

  • This main artery to get people into London has been closed, and all we see is a two party blame game.

  • That's all we see.

  • I see the conservative candidate who shows up next to the bridge and puts out a video and blames con.

  • I see the mayor of London trying to blame Boris, and meanwhile, we all suffer.

  • We suffer with the £140 million potential solution, and we suffer because they continue to pass those costs on to us.

  • What I want is a solution, and I come from 30 years in the business industry.

  • I've worked in aerospace, I've worked in automotive.

  • I've worked in finance and Wall Street, and in the city of London.

  • I've worked in technology startup.

  • I've worked in new media and digital education, and I know if you empower private enterprise, we can find solutions.

  • And honestly, there's already an entrepreneur out there that says we can put in some ferry services even temporarily, to ease the load on that bridge.

  • But again the government hasn't engaged because I think they don't know how to cut a business deal.

  • I don't think they know how to engage with private enterprise.

  • I do and I want to find some solutions for Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • So thank you for those ideas and those comments.

  • Next we go to Kensington and Chelsea and again.

  • Recently, the Daily Mail reported that the transport secretary said he would press ahead with the widely hated cycle friendly road schemes as he told the other MPs that the majority were very good and we're hearing something completely different on the streets, quite honestly.

  • The transport secretary continued and said he insisted that these pop up cycle lanes, the widening of the payments and the road closures brought in under the so called low traffic neighborhood schemes were mostly popular.

  • Now I've been live streaming every single day here for the past three or four days talking about these issues, trust me, trust me.

  • They're not popular.

  • People are not feeling them.

  • They're ruining businesses.

  • They're raising people's taxation, they're increasing emissions.

  • It's not working out and again.

  • The Daily Mail goes on to say that it sparked fury with reports of emergency service vehicles trapped in traffic, increased rush hour gridlock and residents saying they were not consulted on the plans and they weren't.

  • And that's one of the things I've discovered.

  • One of the key issues I've discovered on this entire tour is that people are frustrated locally with the L.

  • T.

  • N s and they need solutions.

  • And again, on May 7th, as your next mayor of London, I am going to look into these L T.

  • N s.

  • And we are going to put these on hold until we can make sure that they are delivering the kpi s the key performance indicators that they promised.

  • Also in Kensington and Chelsea.

  • We've seen these pop up cycle lanes cost nearly £700,000.

  • Um, because they were implemented, they were removed, and then they were reinstated again.

  • And if you're on Kensington High Street, you know what I'm talking about.

  • You've seen them change their mind over and over again.

  • Meanwhile, we get a £700,000 bill that we can't afford to pay right now, because we can't work and our businesses are going out of business.

  • So many Cousin Tenzing.

  • The residents oppose the cycle lanes because of the congestion it charged, while some shop owners have actually suggested that the lanes cause a loss of revenue since they take the place of street parking where their customers come from.

  • So again, more frustration from Kensington and Chelsea.

  • Finally, they are calling on Hammersmith and Fulham to remove their El Tiene scheme, saying that their scheme has created congestion and pollution in Chelsea, asking them to quote unquote abandoned their failed traffic scheme in SW six.

  • So again we see knock on effects on a local basis is frustrating for everyone and finally in Westminster, we see parking fines are being used as revenue generation schemes to run Westminster Council as a profit again.

  • Top line numbers here these are hard to believe.

  • Westminster generated a £70 million profit last year.

  • Kensington and Chelsea realized a 39 billion profit £39 million profit and Camden made a £29 million profit.

  • Again, I find this hard to believe this is the same flawed logic that the mayor is using with congestion charges.

  • It was never designed to generate revenue, and yet that is actually what the mayor is doing.

  • I had a conversation with a senior member of TfL recently.

  • One of them was actually involved in the initial congestion charge, moved back in the early two thousands, and he said Brian, the congestion charge was never designed to generate revenue.

  • It was designed to try to reduce emissions and reduce traffic, he said.

  • But what is the mayor doing?

  • He said, This is all off the record, but it was never designed for this.

  • And yet the mayor is extending it and increasing it to 24 7.

  • He's trying to make money off the citizens when we're all struggling, and I think this is wrong, yeah.

We're right going through Hammersmith and Fulham as we speak.

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LTNS ARE NOT WORKING ?: London's Citizens Are Frustrated & Our Mayor Is Out Of Touch - Brian Rose

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