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  • So I'm hearing everybody talk about Zach Wilson or like Man.

  • He's a really good athletes, and he makes these outside of the pocket creative second reaction.

  • All platform throws.

  • And I'm like That's the same thing that Sam Donald does.

  • So let me address Sam Donald for everybody who's a Jets fan.

  • If you thought a young quarterback in his first three years was going to play well with two head coaches, three offensive coordinators, mano a significant shoulder injury, a bottom five offensive line and run game, a bottom five skill group and bottom 10 defensive line that's on.

  • You know quarterback was going to play well with the Jets.

  • What everyone needs to realize it's Sam Donald and what you'll get for the second pick versus Zach Wilson and what you get for Sam Donald right now, as I sit here today, the Jets should keep Sam Donald and make everyone think they love Zach Wilson.

  • Okay, I like it.

  • Chris Canty, I come to you.

  • You host the talk show in New York mornings on ESPN radio in New York with with Rick and Dave Rothenberg.

  • So you're talking about this literally every single day.

  • Do you agree?

  • Should the Jets stay with Sam Donald or take the quarterback in the draft?

  • No, I absolutely do not agree with Mel or with Dan in this situation.

  • And listen, I understand that you're talking about the talent conversation when it comes to Sam Donald.

  • If you put them in this draft class, he's probably the second most talented quarterback.

  • But one of the things that's understated in this conversation and what the Jet should do it, too, is what the last three years have done to Sam Donald in terms of affecting his overall confidence in his career trajectory.

  • I've literally heard from a quarterback about having a career knocked out of him.

  • David Carr was one of my teammates with the New York Giants when we won Super Bowl 46 he talked about his experience down there with the Houston Texans.

  • One of the things that I worry about, what Sam Donald is that he's never gonna realize this potential that we all saw back in 2018.

  • That vaulted him into the top five in that draft class.

  • So that's obviously the push and the pull Mel we touched on that.

  • Briefly, I'll come back to you on that in a second, but I want to get Diana Russini into the conversation.

  • What are you hearing about this?

  • Because this really is where the draft begins and everything that follows will hinge on this decision the Jets make.

  • What are you hearing from them?

  • Yeah, for now.

  • Right now, I've been told the same thing day in and day out, which is they are still evaluating what they want to do with the position.

  • But Mel mentioning that they want to take a tight end with Kyle pits there.

  • No tight end has ever been taken at the top of the draft in the first four spots ever in a draft.

  • So this would be a really intriguing move made by New York.

  • And here's the thing.

  • I've talked to people around the league about Kyle pits, and they say he's just a matchup nightmare for defenses.

  • And you look at the impact that we see in the league with Kelsey Kittle, Wall or even they've really been able to make the difference for these offences.

  • And if there's one thing that Chris pointed out very clearly, that's Sam.

  • Darnel needs help and What better way to get some help on this offense than getting a tight end?

  • As good as pits would be, Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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So I'm hearing everybody talk about Zach Wilson or like Man.

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