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  • Korea, is it?

  • This is Ashley with watch Mojo.

  • And today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 Heartbreaking attack on Titan moments.

  • What disgusts Easter?

  • Yeah, Maria, this list will be looking at the most emotionally devastating moments this series has thrown at us across all of its four seasons.

  • Which scene had you whaling?

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  • Number 10.

  • The Fate of Levi Squad Levi Ackerman is a man of few words, not want to shed tears or express anything other than the occasional bout of quiet rage.

  • Despite not saying a single word, watching him discover the bodies of his squad mere moments after they were torn apart by the female Titan proved to be quite a powerful scene.

  • It's a gruesome reminder of what befell them, and while it looked like Levi was about to pass them by, he can't help but stop to look over Petra.

  • And there's the gut punch Number nine train talk This one is a bit of a departure, since it's probably one of the most sincere and endearing moments in the hall cannon.

  • While heading back on the train after a hard day's wig, Aaron and the gang get to discussing who will inherit the attack Titan after he's gone.

  • What follows is a truly touching exchange, all of them confessing in their own way just how much they care for each other.

  • Nanda Oh my God, it's legitimately sweet, and knowing it's never going to be this good between them ever again is what makes it sting so bad.

  • You cannot say they are Mina.

  • Okay, Number eight.

  • Mika's has passed one of the earliest examples of attack on titans, all encompassing brutality.

  • This flashback revealed, Mika says, bloody origins, and what turned her into such an adept killing machine.

  • Surprise.

  • She lost her family.

  • More specifically, her mother was cut down in front of her while she was kidnapped and said to be sold into slavery.

  • Summary.

  • The only reason she didn't end up going down such a hellish roots is due to hear human abilities awakening along with some murderous cheerleading on Erin's parts.

  • Put all that together and you've got one broken barras beast of a woman.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, number seven.

  • Aaron meets his grandfather.

  • While it would pale in comparison to another reunion that Aaron would attend soon after, this surprise meeting with his grandfather was a shocker.

  • At first glance, it appears that the old man is a doctor treating the wounds of Elian's until he starts suffering from some severe flashbacks.

  • We see that he is riddled with guilt by what happened to his Children, to the point that it's pushed him to insanity.

  • The twist being that Mr Yeager is actually a patience is brilliant yet harrowing, giving us an insight into just how far reaching the consequences of one's actions can be the number six Connie's hometown.

  • Even before we knew about what looked beyond the walls about the Titan serum about the LD in race, it was obvious something was off when Connie arrived back in his home village that a guy they go only to find it was completely desolate, with no sign of any life except for a loan tighten that looked suspiciously like his mother.

  • Yeah, yeah, it raised so many questions about how this could have happened what it meant and the deepening mystery about the Titans in general.

  • It's one of the most ominous moments this series has conjured thus far.

  • Number five Gracious past.

  • The secrets surrounding Erin's father and the contents of his infamous basement were the driving force for the majority of the series.

  • We all expected a bombshell, but nothing could prepare us for the misery that Grisha experienced.

  • Growing up in Mali, his sister was mauled to death by dogs belonging to a psychotic officer.

  • Corcoran.

  • Each kata, his own son, turned him into the authorities.

  • He was tortured and forced to watch his friends be executed.

  • And just to top it off, his wife, Dina, was turned into a titan that would go on to kill his new wife Years later.

  • Yeah, it's like to be greater.

  • Yeah, Number four.

  • The death of Irwin Genius or devil.

  • No matter how you looked at him, Irwin got results.

  • It may have led him standing on the bodies of thousands of deceased comrades, but no one could deny that the survey corps commander was wholly dedicated to humanity's restoration.

  • He also wasn't above throwing himself in harm's way, shown when he led the suicide charge against the beast Titan just to give Levi the chance of cutting him down.

  • While there was a slither of hope to bring him back from the brink with the Titan serum.

  • The decision to save our men instead served as the final nail in his coffin.

  • Xintai soccer number three.

  • In this letter history, she started off as a prickly loner.

  • But as time went on, we learned that Amir was someone who had been screwed over by life more times than we could count.

  • Making for one of the most sympathetic characters out there, as if learning about her ultimate demise wasn't sad enough, The real kicker is when Historia read her final letter where Amir expressed her regrets.

  • Yeah, cook, I was tonight.

  • So contact, right up until the end, Amir was denied everything.

  • Number two.

  • The death of Marco.

  • This wide eyed ball of sunshine was just too innocent for this world, simply.

  • But Jean self proclaimed bestie, had the terrible misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, where he overheard the Mali Trios confession.

  • As a result, they left him to be devoured by a Titan suit.

  • It's a brutal act of betrayal.

  • One that left for Marco is a half eaten corpse on the side of the street for John to eventually discover Marco.

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  • Number one.

  • The Death of Sasha Just one bullet.

  • That's all it took to end the life of one of the survey cause most endearing members.

  • What was supposed to be a moment of victory turned into tragedy after Gabby snuck aboard the airship and fired off a random shots into the crowd, one that found its mark.

  • Mm, yeah.

  • While it's easy to make the argument that both sides had blood on their hands and this was simply the price of war, fans still had their hearts crushed as they watched their beloved country girl asked for meets with her dying breath.

  • Mhm.

  • Do you agree with our pigs?

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Korea, is it?

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Top 10 Heartbreaking Attack on Titan Moments

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