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  • former US President Donald Trump has hinted at a possible presidential run.

  • In 2024 he was addressing a gathering of staunch conservatives in his first speech since losing the 2020 election.

  • He also attacked the Republicans who voted to impeach him and called for them to be thrown out with the party.

  • It feels like exiting a time machine landing in the days when Donald Trump was the president of the United States.

  • Aydin O Connor is the co chair of the Florida Federation of Teenage Republicans.

  • They have a standard.

  • This year's CPAC, the conservative branch of the Grand Old Party, is holding its annual meeting in Orlando, Florida At a time when the Republicans are doing some soul searching about the future, we're going through some changes.

  • Right now.

  • We're going from the Republican Party of Lindsey Graham to the Republican Party of President Donald J.

  • Trump.

  • We have some newcomers coming in like Matt Gates and manage the call through, and we're really bringing change to this party.

  • Some good change.

  • As for every party, successful fight for the young voters will be crucial for the future of the Republicans, Generation Z, which is My current age group is very conservative because we saw the backlash of the millennials are being like most socialist and we see like Wow, they're wrong!

  • Mhm Sani Dash is the daughter of Indian immigrants.

  • She says Trump provides all she needs to be a free and successful businesswoman.

  • I want him to say he's running for 2024 and make America great again because right now I don't think that's great.

  • Since Ronald Reagan See Peg is a forum for conservative ideas, a barometer to identify the future leader of the GOP this year it is all about Donald Trump.

  • Every person I talked to didn't leave any doubt that he is the only presidential candidate they will vote for in 2024 making it very, very difficult for the Republican Party to ignore him.

  • Even so, this year's event is pretty empty, say, and finally he is here for the last act of this year's conference.

  • But who knows?

  • Who knows?

  • I may even decide to beat them for a third time.

  • Okay, this way messages enough to feed the hopes of the supporters.

  • I'm very excited, you know, Trump said.

  • Everything I wanted to hear the young Republican going forward with the Republican Party.

  • So, you know, I'm excited.

  • You know, I'm just very happy to see the future of the Republican Party is in good hands.

  • For now, the Republican Party seems to be going in one direction.

  • Mhm.

former US President Donald Trump has hinted at a possible presidential run.

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Donald Trump teases presidential run at 2021 CPAC speech | DW News

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