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  • one.

  • Rob Ninkovich was on the field for that interception in the Super Bowl and to Cindy.

  • Can we get the full shot quickly on Nico?

  • Because the man is devious.

  • That is you sacking Russell Wilson in the Super Bowl behind you, isn't it?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, look, we got Russell Wilson topics.

  • Might as well have a Russell Wilson sack behind me.

  • I feel like that's only the correct thing to do at this moment in time.

  • That is a perfect flex for this day.

  • Now let us tie this together with some of the other big quarterback stories.

  • Who knew this was gonna fall into our lap?

  • Because we have been sitting and talking about other quarterback situations, including one involving Dak Prescott with the Cowboys.

  • And I have made the point here that it is in the Cowboys best interest at this point because they themselves have mishandled this so badly to seriously consider trading Dak Prescott.

  • And you look at the numbers here, look at these two.

  • The comparisons are interesting.

  • They're both star players.

  • They're both potentially disgruntled in the situations they're in, perhaps for different reasons.

  • But maybe the best way to make them Gruntal.

  • Gold is a trade one for the other.

  • So Jeremy Fowler, let me throw that at you, Doc for Russell Wilson.

  • Who says no.

  • Yeah, well, from what I'm hearing, greeny Dallas is unfazed by the Russell Wilson talk.

  • They are dug in with Dak Prescott.

  • They've gone underground.

  • They know they've been talking about this for two years and that people don't believe them.

  • This is not going to get done.

  • So they want to finalize this with Prescott.

  • They got to March night with the franchise tag.

  • Now, there are some people around the league green who believe they're going to tag them and then maybe training because that money is just $37.7 million is just too much to overcome in a deficit salary cap year of 180 million, and so they're going to try to work it out.

  • But Dallas is going to tag.

  • Um, if they don't get it done by March 9th and then it gives them four months to try to hammer this out.

  • Why are you shaking your head, Bart Scott?

  • I mean, you know, if I'm Dak Prescott, I've gone this far.

  • If I don't get my terms.

  • I have all the leverage.

  • If I don't get my short contract where I can get out and hit the market again, then I'm not signing anything because all the pressure is on Dallas.

  • Because if they don't have Dak Prescott, who do they have behind center?

  • What chance do they have to win?

  • We saw that Andy Dalton is not the answer that Prescott is pulling the Kirk Cousins playbook, and he's going to be a guy who came in as 1/4 round draft pick who didn't make a lot of money.

  • Who's going to recoup all that money because he was cheap labor for a long time.

  • He was underpaid.

  • So now it's time for him to have the opportunity to get two bites at the Apple.

  • That's what every athlete wants an opportunity to get to big deals.

  • And he missed out on the first round.

  • He's going to get one in the second and the third, just like Russell Wilson did, because he's been able to give the Dallas Cowboys a discount for the early part of his career.

  • Now it's time for him to pay the piper.

  • Fair enough But let's just have some fun that one way or the other.

  • Nico, Just from a football standpoint, let's let's just assume we live in a world where they could figure out a way to make the deal work in the money work, Dak.

  • Straight up for Russell Wilson, who says no Dallas wins in this one.

  • I mean, Dallas would win by far, because I feel like Russell Wilson on the field right now is the better.

  • Quarterback Russell Wilson is the better quarterback.

  • If you put Dak and Russell Wilson together, I would say 90% of the people would say, I want Russell Wilson just because of his leadership.

  • What he can do on the football field, Doc.

  • Yes, he has improved, and he's a better football player.

  • But Russell Wilson basically is your franchise.

  • So if you traded for Russell Wilson, number one, you don't have to worry about making him the highest paid quarterback because he's already under contract and and then that whole dak issue would just disappear, and then Seattle would have to deal with that.

  • So I think if you get a Russell Wilson, that would definitely improve your team.

  • This is all hypothetical because it probably won't happen.

  • But if I was Dallas, I would be winning if I got Russell Wilson.

  • If the Cowboys somehow managed to figure out a way to turn this complete mess they have made of the Dak Prescott situation into Russell Wilson, it would be one of the really genuinely great moves we've seen in the NFL in recent times.

  • Doesn't mean it's gonna happen.

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