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  • All of Our friends are only talking about one thing, and it's this story.

  • An FBI investigation called Operation Varsity Blues.

  • Georgia Tech, USC, UCLA

  • And Rick Singer

  • The mastermind behind the entire operation.

  • Is there any risk that this thing blows up in my face?

  • -Hey, Rick? - Hey there.

  • -Is this a good time? -Yeah,Yeah, it's good for me.

  • Rick, I had a question for you.

  • -It's just you and me. Is that kosher? -Absolutely.

  • I just wanted Walk me through the whole thing again and how it works.

  • We help the wealthiest families in the US get their kids into school.

  • I've done 761 what I would call "side doors."

  • The "front door" means is getting in on your own.

  • I got accepted!

  • So I've created this kind of side door in

  • because my families

  • want a guarantee.

  • There aren't many federal cases where you have 50 people

  • indicted for a crime.

  • It truly is amazing what people say on the phone

  • when they don't know the Federal is listening.

  • If somebody were to catch this,

  • what happens?

  • The only way someone can catch it is if you guys tell someone.

  • It seems like it'd be hard to miss.

  • There was a 5'5" men's basketball player.

  • A high school cheerleader who is made a look like a lacrosse player.

  • You've never had an issue with this?

  • Some article comes out

  • that the the polo team is selling seats into the school for 250 grand?

  • Well, no, because she's a water polo player.

  • But she's not.

  • We're here today to announce charges

  • in the largest college admissions scam

  • ever prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

  • My view of the admissions process

  • is some students getting in on pure merit,

  • but many others getting in

  • due to preferences that skew rich and white.

  • They had every advantage,

  • and yet they still cheated.

  • In America, we love the wealthy, and we hate the wealthy.

  • They disgust us,

  • and they fascinate us.

  • I'm gonna do over 730 of these side doors this year.

  • It's the home run of home runs.

  • And it works?

  • Every time.

All of Our friends are only talking about one thing, and it's this story.

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Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal | Official Trailer | Netflix

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