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  • but the two combined for 93 pointers against the Bears.

  • One of the big things that Kansas needs to do in this game is rebound.

  • They've got to help David McCormick inside, and everybody's got to get to the clap.

  • Sounds like a noisy, small crowd in Lawrence tonight.

  • Kansas comes in 17 8 on the season ranked 17th, and right now Joe Lunardi has got him projected as a four seed as McCormack scores again.

  • Big 12 in made threes per game, a floppy set for Davian Mitchell but Jalen Wilson right there on the catch.

  • Yeah, I think he's in pretty good shape, but I think Bill Self and these red uniforms honoring the 1950 to Kansas national championship team that Dean Smith played on for fog Allen.

  • I think he's got to be very pleased.

  • McCormick is having a terrific year there, gets terrific, and that's usually a rebound on the offensive end that Jonathan Chamois Joshua would come up with.

  • But he didn't look like himself on that one play offensive rebound opportunity and certainly not making excuses for Baylor just didn't look like him.

  • But Kansas, another great defensive stop getting down court and establishing himself in the corner of the Skip Pass.

  • He's ready to shoot a mid range player and coming off a very good game against Texas, he had 11 points, went five or six from the field, 11 points, his conference high, great feed and fumble with a flush of the season.

  • And one of the great things about big guys make yourself available to you.

  • And I have done been fortunate enough to do so many games there when they've got 16,300 in their pre covid and hopefully post covid again.

  • At some point, it's vital scores.

  • Automatic used to play for the Presbyterian Blue Hose.

  • That's right, a seven run for the Bears and a turnover and a Mitchell free to give Baylor the lead in transition for Mitchell and the Bear.

  • They've got a busy week ahead of them because of their covid pause.

  • They've got a few rescheduled games again.

  • Kansas is done with their conference games, added a game against UTEP just so they didn't have too much time off before the Big 12 tournament.

  • A lot of Garrett dribbling looking for somebody to pass to finds Wilson from the baseline and tipped back up and in somehow, so difficult to get the shot you want against Baylor with their length and versatility on defense.

  • How about a beautiful give and go between Vital and T by Macy O.

  • T?

  • How about that screen by McCormick?

  • How about that pass from McCormick and a chance for a three point play?

  • McCormick.

  • Because he can roll a smaller defender down into the post.

  • But there's a lot of defensive versatility on this Baylor team.

  • Garrett going right at Chamois Joshua Kansas leads by four.

  • The national defensive player of the year, the Naysmith Award winner.

  • But when he has a matchup that he can drive, I think he should.

  • At Schmitz, ESPN NBA draft analyst.

  • You know what nobody's ever said about us, Jr.

  • Maturity is very impressive.

  • Nobody comes on and talks about, would they?

  • While we were discussing the pro prospects flow, Samba has had a big impact in the last few plays and getting that second foul.

  • Now he picks up a foul that I'm saying it on a block on that drive by Marcus Garrett just was creating offense off of its defense.

  • It was playing ahead of the Texas defense in the second half.

  • It was five on five, and it was advantaged Texas.

  • The whole 20 minutes is when you swipe black color.

  • The redshirt sophomore transfer from Presbyterian Tristen and Aruna getting some run here late in the first half has double teams who had good days.

  • Xavier with a big win over Creighton today.

  • We talked about North Carolina.

  • They beat Florida State today, Louisville in overtime, and there are a lot of teams checking around at other bubble teams and seeing how they're doing right now.

  • A terrific drive by Christian Brown.

  • The spin back, and that's what criers gotta stand in there.

  • But you don't have to hang on to an undefeated season like it's it's made of platinum or something.

  • McCormack follows up to miss by Garrett, and he's got a game high 16.

  • Last foul was on David McCormick, his third.

  • He stays in the game, at least for now, and the three will go down for okay.

  • I Abba aji Kansas.

  • Now up by seven defensively on that possession, especially on Jared Butler.

  • They've not let Jared Butler breathe in this game.

  • Wilson, with a turnaround, and Jalen Wilson gets it back to an eight point lead.

  • Mark Vital are also on that list.

  • It was hard to quarrel with that list of semi finalist for the National Defensive Player of the Year award.

  • What a block by Lightfoot man quarrel with not being on.

  • There was probably Jeremiah Robinson Earl, But maybe maybe you can quarrel that Mitch Lightfoot was in on it after that block.

  • What a heck of a block to pin that with the right hand.

  • Good strength.

  • You don't get a layup that wide open in halftime warmups.

  • Teague again, uh, knocks it down and a foul in a row, this one just drifting along the baseline as Davian Mitchell was penetrating.

  • Just a terrific job to find the opening and stay in the vision of the passer and just a bad mistake defensively.

  • Stave off Baylor and hang onto this lead.

  • Mhm and an impressive answer when Baylor had made some plays and Harris knocking down the three.

  • What a contribution.

  • You wouldn't get a ton of argument if you made it an all Gonzaga team.

  • We talked about Macy O.

  • T.

  • Being a finalist, one of the five finalists for the Jerry West Award.

  • We mentioned Juelia is on that list.

  • So when All American candidate, the leading scorer on the team better than 17 a game is finally on the score sheet for Butler with his first bucket and Kansas goes right down the other end, rounding out for Butler.

  • But the offensive rebound a t tough one, and it goes World Racing T Mexico Teague has made tough ones and Bedlam round to Oklahoma State in overtime today.

  • Won the game this afternoon in Norman against the Sooners, and they'll have a rematch in Stillwater if this is the end of his Allen Fieldhouse career.

  • What a what a way to end it.

  • A big night for the Jayhawks.

  • Baylor loses for the first time all season.

  • That means there is only one unbeaten team in college basketball.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

but the two combined for 93 pointers against the Bears.

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No. 17 Kansas hands No. 2 Baylor its first loss of the season {HIGHLIGHTS} | ESPN College Basketball

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