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  • today.

  • Let's start with the visiting Lakers.

  • LeBron leads the league with over 38 minutes per game since February 1st.

  • How should LeBron's workload be managed with a D out?

  • You know what's crazy, Matt?

  • When I think about LeBron and his minutes, I'm immediately reminded that it's crazy that LeBron's last M v p was eight years ago, and that's why he's probably not going to slow down any time soon.

  • But I do think we need to reset our expectations.

  • When it comes to the Lakers, especially without Anthony Davis, LeBron should not have to carry the burden of keeping the Lakers afloat alone.

  • They need Dennis Shooter back in that energy boost back.

  • They need Pal Kuzma and Montrose Harold to remain aggressive so LeBron his minutes shouldn't deviate too much or go past what is, you know, planned or expected unless he personally wants them to.

  • That's his prerogative as a competitor, pursuing, you know, an M V p.

  • But you see the Lakers.

  • They have their eyes on the prize as defending champs, getting healthy and maintaining prime position for the playoffs, and I would not risk or jeopardize LeBron James health, albeit him being a crazy talent in the league.

  • Which which, by the way, today, 36 year old LeBron not 23 year old LeBron, 36 year old LeBron has played 1120 minutes this season.

  • That's fourth most in the league today.

  • Sit tight stage has something for you.

  • Yeah, keeping it going with the All Star Reserve selections that came out this week.

  • So, you know, tough to make these teams with just 12 total open spots.

  • Right, But in the East Jalen Brown, James Harden, Sacha Vein, Julius Randle, Ben Simmons, Jayson Tatum, Nikola Vucevic They make the cut out West.

  • The seven reserves are Anthony Davis, Paul George.

  • Really go Bear Dame Lillard, Donovan Mitchell, Chris Paul, Zion Williamson.

  • All deserving players for sure.

  • Again, this is always a difficult decision.

  • Um, today Utah Jazz.

  • They still have the best record in the NBA.

  • Right?

  • 25 6.

  • Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert.

  • They have been excellent this season.

  • Take us next level here.

  • How have you seen them take their games to another level?

  • You're right stage.

  • The Utah Jazz are the most balanced team right now in the NBA.

  • First we gotta shout out their head coach, Quin Snyder, for leading the squad to the best record in the NBA and the Jazz.

  • They have.

  • As you mentioned, floor generals take a All Stars on both sides of the floor Offensively.

  • Donovan Mitchell.

  • He leads the charge, one of the best athlete in the NBA, just in a guard's body in a smaller little you know, package.

  • But he still elevates on his shot from three.

  • He elevates at the rim to challenging Biggs.

  • He's had career highs and points, assists and so many categories this year, especially three point percentage and then Rudy Gobert.

  • He's their defensive captain.

  • He's relentless, and I actually spoke to Rudy for about 30 minutes yesterday after it was announced that he was an all Star combo that I'll share soon with ESPN.

  • But it blew my mind that a two time defensive player of the year was telling me exactly how he plans on continuing to approve on defense.

  • His goal is to be able to guard all defenders at all positions.

  • So if you look at the big picture for the Utah Jazz offense defense coat, they've got it all covered.

  • Absolutely and true team perspective.

  • That's what all those guys, those two in particular bring.

  • And how about Gilbert?

  • Never satisfied with his game.

  • That's one of the reasons why I love him as a player.

  • Okay?

  • Every season there's at least one player, usually more, who gets snubbed from the All Star Game.

  • So pick one today, your biggest snub.

  • Go.

  • All right.

  • Even though I wanted my friend Tobias hairs to be an all star and be in there, I have to go with Devin Booker.

  • Baby faced assassin.

  • That man is a bucket period.

  • Offensively, he's probably one of the most feared to play against and also feared to scout because he's just so natural, so effortless, yet lethal with his game.

  • And, you know, he took a different role with Chris Paul, now in town in Phoenix, you know?

  • And while that might not mean All Star this year, it may mean his first playoffs.

  • So I feel like it's still may find a way to pay off.

  • You see what I did there?

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

  • I I always I always follow you.

  • Here's thing.

  • You are lucky we're out of time because everyone says Oh, I have a snow.

  • But then who would you take off the roster?

  • And no one wants to go there.

  • So you are lucky, my friend, that we don't have any time left in the segment because that's the hard part.

  • Who would you redress?

  • Everybody's deserving.

  • In the meantime, I agree with you.

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