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  • Today's topic is a tweet from Kyrie Irving, who had an idea to make Kobe Bryant the logo of the league and said Black Kings built the league.

  • Jalen, what do you think about this idea?

  • And if they can't do this, how could they celebrate Kobe and other legends in the NBA?

  • Well, posthumously, we know he's going to go into the Hall of Fame.

  • Uh, they're going to have a statue outside the Staples Center.

  • Obviously, those things are well deserved.

  • The legend has two numbers currently retired as well, 24 8.

  • And so I would like to see not only for Kobe Bryant but for the history of the league.

  • The elder statesman continue to be celebrated and acknowledged for their contributions to the league.

  • There's ways to do it with the basketball that night.

  • There's ways to do it with the sticker on the logo on the back board at night.

  • There are ways to talk about the history of the game because sometimes fans and media gets a ring counting and only talk about the league like 10 people ever played.

  • I think it's a really good idea.

  • Just periodically celebrate players from years past and acknowledge that it doesn't have to be a change of the logo.

  • But it can be a logo on the court or it can be something on the ball.

  • That's a really good idea, something that they should implement.

  • There's something I'm really glad that you brought up.

  • He will definitely have a statue outside Staples Center and here in jail in Kobe.

  • We have you the first look of what exactly that's going to look like.

  • There it is right there.

  • The statue that they're gonna put outside Staples Center, which is the legend Kobe Bean Bryant scoring over my co host and brother Jalen Anthony Rose.

  • Thank you so much for tuning into this exclusive content here on YouTube.

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  • I kept Kobe under 100.

  • I did that Utah Jazz and Donovan Mitchell dunking all over the Lakers last night.

  • Look at Donovan Mitchell do it.

  • Jalen, This wasn't a close game.

  • This was a blowout.

  • What was it about this performance from the Jazz that has them atop the Western Conference?

  • Well, I like how he just through the ball over to kind of get his steps together because I told you you weren't going to see him do many dunks again.

  • Off of one leg.

  • You saw you went up powerful and finish that with authority.

  • We got the Jazz shoot that three.

  • That's what they do.

  • Jacoby.

  • Take note.

  • They have a go to guy Donovan Mitchell and I keep hearing a lot of people talk about their team and saying they don't have a superstar.

  • You know how Donovan Mitchell is.

  • You know how good he is.

  • You know how well he's been playing for the Utah Jazz?

  • They do have one, just like the Dallas Maps have one, and they also have Rudy Gobert to stifle Tower.

  • But what makes Utah special so very special?

  • Historically well at shooting that three ball, maybe 20 threes in the game 10 times already.

  • That's the third most in the history of the NBA.

  • Put my guys in fast forward put my guys in fast forward.

  • You only get that in jail.

  • In Jacoby, shouting, Mike Conley shot the Clarkson shot the O'Neill shot the Bogdanovich.

  • We got the Jazz.

  • We got the jazz.

  • Jalen.

  • As much as this is about celebration of the jazz, you know I am a LeBron stand right.

  • I'm a full on LeBron stand.

  • I'm not afraid to say it.

  • I'm a little worried about LeBron.

  • I'm a little worried about LeBron James.

  • AIDS out, shooters out.

  • LeBron James already said that he wants to play every single night for his teammates, and he is giving 100%.

  • He's played every single game.

  • He's played a lot of minutes.

  • He didn't play.

  • A lot of it's in this one because he didn't play that well and you have to play that much because they were getting waxed.

  • But as we see more of a D in street clothes and as there is more burden on him with the short off season all the minutes he's playing, I'm concerned about the toll that this will take on him and I want him to reserve something for the playoffs.

  • Is that a fair concern?

  • The team and LeBron the second half of the year, we'll find ways to modify his minutes and or low management.

  • So you, as a LeBron stand, you don't have to worry.

  • They're going to make sure he's fresh and ready to go for the playoffs.

  • But here's what You should really be worried about how they're going to play with a D and shrewder out because they didn't lost four straight and they're giving up points in the paint.

  • And people underestimate.

  • Anthony Davis was second in the league last year, Defensive player of the year.

  • He guards multiple positions.

  • He's a rim protector, and Dennis Schroder is really good on ball.

  • And so, without having both of those guys and then on the other end, I have both of those guys as creators.

  • All managers exhaust LeBron on both ends of the floor, you see, shot one of those jumpers again that almost gave the logo Jerry West a concussion hit the side of the rim.

  • I was like, Watch out, Jerry, Hold on.

  • That's gonna give him a concussion.

  • It went out of bounds.

  • The man is just fatigue.

  • Nobody is more ready for All Star break than LeBron James.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube.

you are watching Jaylen and Jacoby exclusive to you to make sure you check back the channel for exclusive Jalen Jacoby content, you won't get on the podcast or on the television show.

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Jalen & Jacoby YouTube exclusive: Jalen Rose's thoughts on Kobe Bryant being the NBA's logo

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