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  • a reunited Germany celebrates in its intimate certain it celebrates in white.

  • It's not only the individual women that get poised in my film, but we're also giving voice to a generation of black women who are never allowed to speak.

  • You're black.

  • You are the same you always put in this box.

  • My first question, actually is, is an English speaker I've heard and seen both Afro German and black German used are both acceptable or is one better than the other.

  • Both terms were coined in the 19 eighties, so they actually meant the same thing.

  • But I think in the course of time, that's changed a lot.

  • Afro German is more used by black Germans who have one white German parent.

  • I started using black German almost exclusively the term black German.

  • I believe it is seen as more all encompassing.

  • Yeah, it's been 500 grand for decolonization until Christmas.

  • Abbott onto the stage Deli is better, is there?

  • It is right to mention induction and decided I was gonna speak for the corner.

  • There is thereby McKinnon problem showing our colors.

  • It's called in English.

  • The book Hampshirites around me.

  • Ask my unit outside human being had and in black Cuba was the perspective of contracts mentioned of the Dodgers to of torture overhead because there's something up ahead.

  • Uh, doesn't hunt Magna Biographical A fireman.

  • I come here to read my poetry tonight as a black feminist lesbian lord.

  • Was this amazing Caribbean American feminists who came to teach at the free University for a summer semester?

  • She taught a couple, of course, is literature courses.

  • And it's through those courses that, like women, um, such as my am and Qatar and Montoya met.

  • She sort of encouraged to write here.

  • Iniciativa wants to.

  • For me, she was actually one of the founders of the black young movement.

  • They coined these terms her and Catalina and Audrey Lorde had attracts them.

  • Afrikaners, sign off.

  • Her name is gonna dodge Harden Boat while she became so important for me is because she actually gave me a name.

  • She gave me the name Black German.

  • Oh, my God.

  • There's so many things I love about natural hair.

  • So many different textures and so many things we don't know about.

  • The white natural hair actually works to me that he had It should really represent the fact that blackness, you can make it a box.

  • White people have the privilege of not being Homogenic group, But I feel like when it comes to black people, we don't give us the benefit of just being of just being a nerd.

  • Maybe, uh, maybe not being a dancer.

  • Or maybe not being a singer or just being introverted and quiet like into Berlin came back two years ago, and I started it because being in talent acquisition are mostly involved in hiring people into positions on in tech companies.

  • If you're black and you're an engineer, there's a lot of opportunities.

  • They're not so good.

  • Side is that when you think about a tech company, there are many departments is marketing business development design cells.

  • And these are the departments that actually find it harder to hire black people.

  • What we really want to build is a space or platform that connects black professionals to one another mentor.

  • The next generation found out what resources are there, so basically build people up.

  • Uh huh.

  • In Germany, we don't have black studies.

  • We also don't have African history or colonial history in school Books is not taught, and its maximum aside course at university.

  • There's so few black German academics in Germany, and this is because of the structure, like it's very hard to get your PhD.

  • And then to get a job is like such a huge hurdle, especially if you're a black person and people don't understand or respect your research.

  • Why I entered the arts was because the work that I do concerning black Germany history or the history of racism in Germany doesn't have a place in academia.

  • I never wanted to make myself.

  • I never planned to make itself.

  • There are many very articulate VSE ins, totally fun and salute Kitna.

  • The common answer.

  • It with China was well known, highly respected artist in mainstream society.

  • So this is also why I woke attention in the mainstream because I was like, What is she doing without absolutely kingdom?

  • And that this whole thing doesn't even have to do with the kids?

  • You know, I'm looking at the Mili.

  • The sad part of the story is that there's been so much work done on answered on this occasion, and there has hardly been any work on the black models occasionally, so this is another gap, but I'm filling in.

  • What?

  • I'm doing so much for Anton, William and the rest of the country.

  • Schweitzer, uh, fillets off individual.

  • And they're here to do it on Giulietta.

  • Goddamn isn't gonna Side is the one that shot of resistors affecting the business Afghans clad in discourse Hans Jurgen Mossack Y was very influential for me.

  • I read his autobiography Destined to Witness When I was still in college.

  • All of the events Cell who published her first novel last year, Philip Cable Capsule.

  • He's also published poetry, volumes and pros on Black German history.

  • This novel is about black people in Berlin at the turn of the millennial.

  • In the story, there is a character who, when she faints, continues in her subconscious.

  • And it's going into images of colonial history, of the history of slavery.

  • And then it's trauma, and she has to go through it to come back into this real world.

  • My name is Michael getting I'm an author and I'm head of library at each one.

  • Teach one in 2014 2020 auto opened its doors as a small black community library.

  • But then we are also looking at really effect on a political scale.

  • Having consultations with government agencies and the chancellor around issues of right wing is, um, and extremism and racism were pushing on to make sure that we're hopefully one day we're going to live in a just society, Yeah.

a reunited Germany celebrates in its intimate certain it celebrates in white.

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