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  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Hi, I'm Jeff Gibson, director of Myth of Frozen Tail.

  • And I'm Britney leads the production designer, and we're going to break down a scene for you.

  • So the scene we're gonna be watching is the water knock scene.

  • And this is the water horse from frozen to.

  • Basically, the film is about the balance of the elements.

  • So we first start this scene, you'll see that there's flames and fire.

  • So this is the fire spirit.

  • The salamander.

  • The rain starts coming down, this waterfall appears.

  • And then out of the waterfall emerges the water knock that basically balanced out the previous spirit for our knock.

  • We really wanted to push the stylization because the knock in frozen two is so fantastic.

  • But we were representing sort of a storybook fairytale version of it.

  • So we wanted to make that clear and do something that's a little bit different and more stylized.

  • We thought it was great to combine two c G and two D effects to really have this sort of tactile, tangible quality to the film.

  • And you can see it here in the water effects.

  • This horse is scared.

  • It dives into the water.

  • And then we see the power of water, the power of this flood that then comes down moving towards the viewer.

  • And then we have the earth begins to balance out this spirit and form this down and turns into the day The rain dissipates and we really just tried to play off.

  • Each one of the spirits is neither good nor bad.

  • They just kind of r and together they create this harmony where the world can dance kind of a duality between all of the elements in nature and that the sweet spot is in the balance.

  • Jess and Brittney Thank you for being here.

  • And for all that insight into myth of frozen tale, tell us what inspired the story behind the short.

  • So the inspiration behind the story was my love of bedtime stories.

  • I just love how they kind of made my imagination wander into these places.

  • And so I started thinking of what was a bedtime story that you might have been told if you grew up in or around Aaron Dale and kind of lead myself to this world of myth of frozen tale where the animal spirits are the main players So this project features both hand drawn and CG animation.

  • What made you want to combine those two elements and how that influenced the storytelling process?

  • Yeah.

  • I mean, I love the heritage of Disney animation, all those two D films, but in particular Fantasia.

  • That was just such a big inspiration.

  • They tell stories through music and the hand drawn.

  • And so I wanted to bring that similar vibe into VR.

  • But also just how do we make a real time short that's flattened on a screen?

  • Having Britney on board and her kind of stylistic sensibilities was amazing, because I feel like we really achieve something cool.

  • I'm a huge fan of traditional animation, and we do a lot of work in CG.

  • But because Ms was going to be an even further stylized version of the frozen world, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to sort of introduce those little elements that we could play with in hand drawn animation and play into that fantasia aspect that Jeff was talking about.

  • The film was originally created in virtual reality, So can you tell us what it was like to use VR in the creation process?

  • Britney and I were able to be in the VR headsets as we created these worlds, and we were able to see the world being created basically in real time.

  • It was a really unique process for us at Disney animation.

  • Yeah, I'm sure that we looked pretty ridiculous to those outside watching us do this.

  • But for me, I had no experience with VR prior to this project was actually such a great learning experience.

  • And being in the middle of the film that you're working on is like nothing else.

  • How does it feel to have been a frozen tail or Disney Plus?

  • And what do you hope viewers take away from watching the short?

  • It's amazing to have it on a platform like Disney Plus where my family, all my friends at home, they can now watch that film, and I hope that it invokes that sense of heritage of Disney animation.

  • Where there's this richness of traditional animation mixed with CG and music, it's just so exciting feel so fortunate to have it on Disney Plus, yeah, I agree.

  • We've been living with this for so long, and I've been working on it.

  • Been so excited about it but it's just so nice to now be able to share it with everyone.

  • And hopefully people will enjoy it as much as we enjoy working on it.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm, yeah.


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