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  • thank you for attending the tournament of not yet nights.

  • For they are the Knights of Tomorrow.

  • 1 may even join the night declaring who are close to finding the treacherous dragon who set the villains loose in our fine kingdom.

  • Uh huh.

  • Oh, I see.

  • Uh, it seems that the knights declare INTs are not so much close to finding the dragon, but rather not close at all.

  • Mm.

  • Pull tough crowd.

  • Worry about that.

  • You need to focus on your opponent.

  • Uh huh.

  • Uh huh.

  • Look, he's no bigger than a badger.

  • This will be easy.

  • Maybe you're right.

  • Of course I am.

  • So get him.

  • Me the jesting match win.

  • Mm.

  • Yeah.

  • I'll be in there.

  • Yeah.

  • Mm hmm.

  • Game lower this time.

  • Hey, can they do that?

  • Mm mm.

  • Right.

  • Okay.

  • Mhm.

  • Who is this?

  • Not yet.

  • Right?

  • You bested me fair and square.

  • And you fought well.

  • My name is a Jahmi, but people call me the Greenleaf.

  • Thank you.

  • I'm Cedric.

  • And this is front.

  • And Suzie, how are you?

  • So good.

  • You're so tiny.

  • What he means is, where did you learn to?

  • Just like that?

  • I am small for my age.

  • So I studied jousting day and night to turn my size into an advantage.

  • Yeah.

  • Certainly worked well on Cedric here.

  • Good, Lucky, Yummy.

  • We'll watch the rest of the tournament from the stands.

  • Get me mhm.

  • Uh huh.

  • Mhm.

  • Okay.

  • Yeah, That was amazing.

  • I've never seen I was fortunate in victory today.

  • Fortunate.

  • My foot.

  • You are the best one out there.

  • And maybe tomorrow it will be someone else till then.

  • Pumpkin night.

  • The truth is, you should never underestimate your opponent.

  • You never know what they might teach you.

  • So losing made you a better joust.

  • Er Mm.

  • Because of a, um I, too, became a student of jousting, and her role in our story wasn't yet done.

  • But that is a tale for another day.

  • Be the greatest.

  • Be the bravest, your fairy tale ending bravest mind.

thank you for attending the tournament of not yet nights.

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The Not-Yet-Knights Joust! | The Bravest Knight | #StreamingOnlyOnHulu

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/28
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