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  • I feel right taking somebody's money key.

  • Oh, I'll take 100 stacks if you want the number 11.

  • We always hear.

  • This is fans, right?

  • I gotta have.

  • That means something to me.

  • It's sentimental.

  • It's good luck, and you guys are willing to hand over a fortune for you.

  • Got any cool stories with this?

  • I'm not paying somebody for the number, though.

  • I'm not for 19.

  • No, not a chance.

  • Because if you were 19, they already know before we do the trade of the deal, you coming out of that number.

  • So it's not even something that that's real talk.

  • That's the way you negotiate with the team beforehand, man.

  • It's not even a negotiation.

  • I don't need to say anything.

  • The equipment manager already knows that.

  • We need to reassign whoever that is in 19.

  • We need to reassign him back into a 80 number.

  • That's not even that's not even something to have a conversation about.

  • Well, Carson Wentz and Keyshawn Johnson and Carson Wentz coming into this scenario completely different thing.

  • No.

  • Carson wins as a starting quarterback of the Indianapolis coach.

  • Carson Wentz doesn't want to flex his muscles because he's coming to a new place, and he's got a little bit of a kind of like a locker room.

  • People say his locker room issues was, you know, there in Philadelphia, so he doesn't want to come in starting in flexing his muscles.

  • If I'm Carson wins, it's not even a question that Michael Pittman Jr is coming out of 11.

  • But see this.

  • This is not a question so interesting.

  • Kids, not question this goes back to the confidence level of the quarterback that you want.

  • And I'm not saying that Carson Wentz needs to come in and flex his muscles and say, This is my number.

  • I'm number 11, but doesn't that ultimately, were you a little bit about Carson?

  • Like the fragility of it?

  • Like, how does he handle the locker room?

  • Can everybody play nice again?

  • How does he get along with the head coach?

  • Will you have the same kind of conviction to be the leader that he once was?

  • Well, you know, I don't really know Carson Wentz like that.

  • I just know that when it comes to certain situations, it's already known that that's his number.

  • Like you are a second year receiver.

  • You're getting ready to turn that number over to me, bro.

  • That ain't was talking like he was the starting quarterback.

  • That ain't even that you're talking about.

  • I remember once I don't know who it was.

  • It was It was somebody that had, like, war 19 and practices something like that and or somebody gave me a hypothetical.

  • What if somebody had 19?

  • That's what it was.

  • What if somebody had 19 on the teen that I was going to a trader to?

  • And my whole thing is, if you wear 19, chances are you probably are not going to be on the team long term.

  • It's just just the reality of it.

  • It does need to start with a jam receiving start with an eight early on in my career, and if I got moved in, you're not gonna be there very long.

  • Here's the one thing I would have said to Carson Wentz Too little, too late and obviously doesn't care what I think.

  • But I would have said, you know, your dad wore 32 or 28.

  • So how about you honor your dad by wearing 32 or 28 you give me number 11 probably wouldn't have worked.

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I feel right taking somebody's money key.

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Indianapolis Colts WR Michael Pittman says he won’t give up No. 11 to Carson Wentz | KJZ

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