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  • I am always because you already had some milk.

  • No, you can't.

  • Hi.

  • Sorry, I didn't I didn't see you there.

  • My name is David and this is my friend Jerry.

  • We were just about to read a bedtime story.

  • Would you like to hear it?

  • Good.

  • Have you ever noticed how some animals are really noisy and busy and fast?

  • Well, I prefer an animal that takes its time.

  • In fact, I've got a story for you about a creature who loves to do just that.

  • It's called if I had a sleepy sloth and it's by Gabby, Donna and Alex Barrow.

  • I wouldn't want a tiger.

  • I think I'd like a horse.

  • An elephant is far too loud and much too wild.

  • Of course, kangaroos are bouncy.

  • Sharks are very quick, but I prefer a creature with a different kind of trick.

  • People always rush about.

  • I want to stop and stare.

  • Imagine being so relaxed that moss grew in your hair.

  • Oh, if I had a sleepy sloth, I'd say, Hey, what's the rush?

  • Sit down.

  • Relax, my furry friend.

  • I'll give your hair a brush.

  • Sloths are good at gripping.

  • I think they're super skill is hanging from the branches, staying seriously Still, if I had a sleepy sloth, we'd watch the world go by from high up in the jungle where the treetops meet the sky.

  • If I had a sleepy sloth, we'd walk, but not too fast.

  • We wouldn't want to race because my sloth would finish last.

  • Moths are very fond of sloths.

  • They snuggle in there for if they ever tickled.

  • Do you think my sloth would per sloths are never sweaty, But if it got too hot, the local pool is very cool.

  • We'd hang out there a lot if I had a sleepy sloth.

  • We play at hide and seek, but slots are so well camouflaged, I'd sometimes have to peek sloth and I would eat our lunch while sitting in our tree and only once a week.

  • My friend would need to take a we in our hidden hideaway.

  • We'd never want to leave.

  • The air would be so fresh up there, we'd close our eyes and breathe.

  • Oh, if I had a sleepy sloth, I'd have to take things slow.

  • We'd hang out in a hammock where we'd watch the flowers grow.

  • Slots are very smiley.

  • They're never ever down because they take it easy.

  • Plus, their faces cannot frown.

  • I wish I had a sleepy sloth to cuddle me to sleep.

  • Then I would count a million sloths instead of counting sheep.

  • My sloth would sing a lullaby and I would close my eyes to dream of all the Galaxies way up beyond our skies.

  • So there you go.

  • The sloth is the perfect animal to have around If you want to take it easy, especially at bedtime, when all you want to do is drift off into a deep sloth e sleep.

  • I hope you'll join me again soon for another slow, relaxing, chilled out bedtime story night night.

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I am always because you already had some milk.

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Bedtime Stories | David Schwimmer | If I Had a Sleepy Sloth

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