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  • [music playing]

  • [sirens blaring]

  • DAVE: (VOICEOVER) She keeps reaching

  • around in the center console.

  • It looks like she's trying to get something out,

  • maybe a handgun.

  • MAN: All right, GSP has a driver out of the vehicle.

  • DAVE: That's our girl.

  • Was it loaded or no?

  • MAN: Oh, it was?

  • DAVE: There was a loaded 38 caliber pistol

  • located in the center console.

  • All right, so he's running the dog on him

  • right now on the van.

  • Oh, there it is.

  • MAN ON RADIO: Yes, so the dog alerted on that back side door

  • there.

  • DAVE: Oh, I see a box on the ground in the back.

  • Sort of looks like they found it.

  • I mean, there's 20 packages, so just depending on how much they

  • weigh out, I think we're probably

  • going to be close to 25 kilos.

  • So we're taking a female passenger and the driver

  • to jail.

  • You want him on this side?

  • DAVE: And they'll be charged with trafficking,

  • and then the male will have some firearms charges as well.

  • Everybody did what they were supposed to do.

  • You know, it went as fluid as it could have,

  • and, you know, we took a large quantity of methamphetamine

  • off the street.

  • Right now, we're just going down to the precinct.

  • I'll see if-- about getting a test kit.

  • We'll test the drugs, see if it's methamphetamine.

  • Very good for law enforcement today, and not

  • so good for the bad guys.

[music playing]

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Parking Lot Drug Bust | To Catch a Smuggler

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/27
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