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  • - The 14th Amendment.

  • It's okay if you don't know it by heart,

  • but it is the center of the promise of America.

  • This land is your land

  • - I get a call saying, "Yo, Will Smith wants to chat

  • about the 14th Amendment."

  • I'm like, "Which Will Smith?" (Will laughs)

  • There are 27 amendments.

  • Why the 14th?

  • - The 14th Amendment is the amendment

  • when we think of the ideas of what America is,

  • the concept of equality.

  • The 14th Amendment was the first time

  • that the word equality, the word equal,

  • was used in the Constitution.

  • The 14th Amendment is what the fight

  • in America right now is all about.

  • - My parents brought me to the United States

  • when I was just 11 years old.

  • What they wanted for me was a better opportunity,

  • a better education.

  • And I hope that one day, if I have kids of my own,

  • that they are able to achieve

  • that slice of the American dream.

  • All that endless sky

  • - When it comes to talking about the 14th Amendment,

  • it is a source of hope and motivation

  • that pushes and pulls what black people have done

  • both legislatively, personally,

  • and socially throughout this country,

  • shows that we can succeed in some way,

  • whether large or small.

  • - It's really important for us to stay vigilant.

  • And I think that's part of what the story

  • of 14th Amendment tells us,

  • because it wasn't a linear example of progress.

  • For every step forward, there could be two steps back.

  • - All creatives out there,

  • I always implore you to tell your story,

  • be authentic and bring that story out to other people.

  • - You need the quality of the art

  • to pierce the heart and mind

  • of the listener, the viewer.

  • - Will Smith, action hero, romantic comedy interest,

  • and constitutional scholar.

  • (Will laughs)

  • I like the trajectory that this is taking.

  • So it must be that side

  • Was made for you and me

- The 14th Amendment.

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Will Smith, Trevor Noah & MORE To Discuss Amend: The Fight for America | Official Teaser | Netflix

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