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  • uh, speaking of Alley Oop, Zion Williamson was on first take this morning.

  • And, of course, the topic of next month's dunk contest came up.

  • Let's check it out.

  • What's the deal?

  • Are we going to see you in the dunk contest?

  • I don't know yet.

  • I don't know yet.

  • Come on, Diane, you're on first Take.

  • This is the time to announce it to America with Stephen A.

  • Smith and Max Kellerman.

  • We're gonna see you, right?

  • Who knows Who knows?

  • Still thinking about.

  • So you're saying there's a chance.

  • Alright, Richard, I'll start with you.

  • How badly do you want to see Zion in the dunk contest?

  • I think I think randomly that Zion needs this dunk contest.

  • I think when you look at what dunk contest do for athletes, whether it's Vince Carter, Michael Jordan just going back in history, the dunk contest is a platform for everyone to see what you're capable of doing your creative Now.

  • We grew up.

  • Everybody grew up watching Zion watching him on YouTube.

  • But this is your moment.

  • This is the everyone has dunk contest, but there's only one NBA dunk contest.

  • And so to be a part of that group.

  • That would be something special.

  • And I think he's got all of the tools.

  • Alright, Purchase According to the Athletico be topping the high flying Knicks rookie from Dayton is expected to participate in the dunk contest.

  • So perk, if Zion enters this could be something special here, right?

  • Oh, it will be something special.

  • Look, this kid is so athletic is ridiculous.

  • Every time I see him dunker elevate, I get jealous instantly.

  • And that's God.

  • Why didn't he give me this type of athleticism?

  • He's a high fly.

  • And you know what I'm all in for?

  • Because big man in and in the dunk contest, they already gonna be behind the eight ball.

  • And so Obi Topping is just going to shock the world.

  • Yeah.

  • Listen, I'm with you.

  • I want to see it.

  • Give me Zion.

  • Give me Obi Topping.

  • Give me all these young men right to Richard's point earlier and perk your point.

  • This is a stage that you get if you're these guys.

  • Zion doesn't do it.

  • He's afraid to call it out if he does not The fact.

  • Hello, rich.

  • Hello, RJ.

  • I'm taking topping.

  • I'm taking topping over him anyway.

  • So it don't matter.

  • But But what I'm saying is you can't do that because you wouldn't dare call LeBron Afraid he never entered the J.

  • Said You Brown.

  • It was 100% afraid.

  • It was 100% afraid.

  • Bron didn't want that.

  • He didn't want that.

  • He didn't have.

  • We didn't have that sexiness.

  • Ebron didn't have all that.

  • I didn't have all that say Game dunker, LeBron dunker LeBron.

  • You were called out by your former teammate Richard Jefferson.

  • That's all I'm gonna say.

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uh, speaking of Alley Oop, Zion Williamson was on first take this morning.

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Richard Jefferson calls out LeBron James: You were afraid to enter the Slam Dunk Contest | The Jump

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