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  • Shawn Watson, because that could change so many teams plans based upon what winds up happening.

  • What is the latest on the possibility of him getting traded?

  • They need to pick up their phone.

  • Houston needs to pick up their phone if a tree needs to get done.

  • This is the problem.

  • I've talked to teams around the league.

  • There is tons of interest into Shawn Watson, but Houston doesn't want to make the deal.

  • And this has been the story from Day one.

  • Nick.

  • A stereo is in there right now trying to fix this relationship.

  • We can talk all day about whether or not he can get that done.

  • But the use of perspective right now is we are keeping Watson here.

  • He's not going anywhere.

  • So if you start assessing value, Mel, I'll come back to you.

  • And obviously, it's been a while since you evaluated to Shawn Watson.

  • But we can all tell he's a top three or four quarterback in the NFL.

  • So should the Jets, at number, to be willing to give up whatever it might take should the Dolphins, at three, be willing to give up whatever it might take?

  • Are you in favor of the huge sale, if you will, of all these draft picks to get to Shawn Watson and Carolina would be in that mix too great.

  • I would give up whatever it took to get to Shawn Watson, 25 years of age.

  • Great quarterback, one of the top three or four in the league.

  • Moving forward is gonna keep ascending from that.

  • You know what you already have?

  • He's dealt with adversity.

  • Talk about Sam.

  • He's had a bad team around them.

  • They still put up great numbers.

  • The Sean is done with Superman only could do in Houston.

  • So, yes, I would give up whatever draft choices it took to get to Shawn Watson.

  • If I'm the Jets, if I'm Miami, if I'm Carolina.

  • Yes, I would send a lot of draft choices, Uh, in that Texas vicinity to Houston Texans organization.

  • Dan looks to me like you're agreeing.

  • There's no question about it.

  • I think the Shawn Watson is one of the four or five best quarterbacks in football and he's only getting better, and Mel makes a great point that we've seen him succeed in adversity.

  • Imagine to Shawn Watson going to a place that is well run.

  • We think that the Jets have a good general manager and the Dolphins have a good general manager.

  • We know the Dolphins have a good head coach, and we think the Jets are going to imagine D Shawn Watson instability because he's been excellent in chaos.

  • And that's why, like at the end of the day when you get your quarterback because as much as I love Sam Donald there, I'm intrigued by a Zach Will center of Fields or something like that.

  • You know, DeShaun Watson is great.

  • You don't think he's going to be good.

  • You're not projecting him to be good.

  • You know he's good if I'm dead, and I thought my team made a great 0.2 weeks ago.

  • You pick the Dolphins and the Jets against each other and you go, man, if we don't get him, that team's going to.

  • And that's why, at the end of the day, those teams should be very aggressive and Houston's gotta wake up.

  • Houston's got to pay attention.

  • He's not playing for the Texans again.

  • Chris Canty, What do you think?

  • You know, I think Dan's absolutely right, especially that last point about the Houston Texans.

  • I think they're the last ones to realize that they're going to be forced to trade to Shawn Watson because he's not going to play for them.

  • And as the off season progresses as we get to free agency as we get to the NFL draft, these other teams that are into the Shawn Watson sweepstakes they're gonna start going away because they're going to formulate their own plans in terms of what they want to do at the position in 2021.

  • And if the Texans haven't made up their mind, then they're gonna lose leverage in terms of the potential compensation that will be coming back to the organization if they were to deal them.

  • So Houston's on the clock right now.

  • Yeah, the one thing I will say is, I don't think they ever lose.

  • With an asset of that significance, people will still be willing to give up a king's ransom.

  • It's just a question of when if they're going to do what you would think they have to do it before the draft and I think it's worth pointing out are worth remembering.

  • Go ahead, Danny.

  • That remembering that Shawn Watson is not a free agent like he has some say in this, but not all the same in this, and that also makes the situation a little different.

  • Go ahead, Danny.

  • Yeah, I think the big thing, though greeny is you've got two teams this year who have two first round picks in this draft.

  • You don't have that next year.

  • And so, like, the clock is ticking.

  • Next year.

  • You're Those two teams are perfectly pitted against each other, same division that both have multiple picks this year.

  • And that's why, like yes, eventually, you could move him and September or August or something like that.

  • But you lose the advantage of both Miami and the Jets having multiple first round picks in this year's draft.

  • And so there's that urgency to make that move.

  • But there's also that Capitol that day.

  • You can steal another first rounder this year in comparison to what a team could give you next year or the year after.

  • They both also have young quarterbacks that you might be able to wiggle them away from obviously as well.

  • You know, like you could get to, uh, what happens if Houston nexus area like you're coming out of school or like Sam Donald three years ago coming out of school.

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Shawn Watson, because that could change so many teams plans based upon what winds up happening.

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'There is tons of interest in Deshaun Watson,' but Houston doesn't want to trade him -Dianna Russini

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