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  • I want to just welcome you to the digital battle bus.

  • And this this really isn't a bus.

  • This is actually a mobile broadcasting studio, and you can see that I'm back here in multi cameras.

  • We can stream out to a billion people in the world right now.

  • Everything that we're talking about and I can get into every single borough, I can literally see the churches on going by.

  • I can see boarded up pubs.

  • I can see tube stations that are being unused.

  • And I know what's going on in these boroughs because I'm here on the ground.

  • I'm also willing to be transparent with you and answer any question you wanna ask me.

  • Right now, this is the new era of politics, in my opinion, where we are transparent.

  • I have built these media channels over the past 10 years.

  • I've got five million viewers and subscribers.

  • I've got a half a billion views on my platforms, and it's so we can have these conversations and we're gonna have them today.

  • But unfortunately, about 10 days ago, all of this was attempted to be shut down and I was actually in the borough of Southwark.

  • I was walking down the middle of the street with a Brian for mayor umbrella in one hand and my iPhone, on the other hand, talking to you on video.

  • It's how I record my videos and alone in the middle of the street, and suddenly I was surrounded by 10 city of London police officers.

  • They arrived in five police vans.

  • Needless to say, I was quite surprised and they proceeded to detain me, find me and four of my crew and banned me from campaigning to be your next mayor of London.

  • We thought, There's something wrong with this.

  • This doesn't feel like democracy.

  • We believe in free and fair elections, and we think they should take place on May 6th.

  • And the only way to do that is to make sure you have a choice when it comes to candidates, if you think about it.

  • The current mayor of London has been unelected for the past one year.

  • You never elected him to be in power in 2021.

  • His term expired in May of last year, and so for them to try to not allow other voices to come out there and campaign we thought was fundamentally wrong, Which is why I sat down with my legal team only hours of later and cooked up this five page letter, which I sent to the police commissioners that went out to Dan Cressida, Dick to Commissioner Ian Dyson and Chief Constable Paul Crowe.

  • Author, They all replied, acknowledging that they received the letter again.

  • We are following the letter of the law and campaigning in 100% covid secure manner, and that's why we decided to continue campaigning.

  • It hasn't been easy.

  • On Tuesday of last week, this bus was pulled over by the Metropolitan Police.

  • That's different than the city of London police.

  • So this is a coordinated attack that we believe is political.

  • Somehow we think that the current political organizations don't want our voice out there, and they don't want to give you a choice.

  • And that's why every single day we are risking arrests.

  • We are risking this bus being impounded so we can come out and give you an option on May 6 to choose your next leader.

  • And you have to ask yourself, Do you want three more years of this?

  • I don't think you do, and you should have a choice and we encourage all parties to find a safe way to campaign.

  • And that can be labour conservatives, lib, Dems greens Whoever find a way to campaign and we are moving forward again.

  • This bus is 100% covid safe.

  • It's sprayed with an antiviral fog every night.

  • Everyone entering it is temperature checked wearing face masks.

  • Hand sanitizer is used.

  • These are the same protocols that are being used in London right now to film, television series and movies as well.

  • So we are following those to the letter of the law, which is probably why we've been followed by police.

  • But we have not been pulled over now in about eight days.

  • So it could happen right now live.

  • But I'm hoping that doesn't because I want to talk about some important topics today.

I want to just welcome you to the digital battle bus.

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