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  • I believe there's another fire tragedy just waiting to happen here in London.

  • And we all know it's been nearly four years since the Grenfell fire tragedy claimed the lives of 72 people.

  • Like I said, I was in Paris at the time, filming an episode for London Real.

  • It was Wyclef Jean of the Fugees, and I remember coming back on the train and seeing these horrific footage.

  • We had the artist Loki on the show when we spoke in depth about who was responsible, who do we hold accountable and what he witnessed that night.

  • He lives literally next door to Grenfell.

  • We spoke in depth about these issues on London reel because it's important to talk about this and to speak the truth about this.

  • Um, what it means is this is that right now almost 150 buildings in London are still wrapped with the same flammable cladding, and that means that 200,000 Londoners are living in homes that have been made unsafe.

  • The potential repair bill is between £265,000.100,000 pounds each for each one of these homes.

  • So we're in this very difficult, untenable situation.

  • Now, almost a year after Sarah Martin Moore Bick, the chairman of the Grenfell inquiry, published 29 recommendations to be made by your mayor of London.

  • He's completed only four of those recommendations four years later.

  • That's all that's completely unacceptable.

  • And meanwhile, he's just defunded the London Fire Brigade by 25 million pounds and one resident right here in Enfield, which I'm going through right now, said quote.

  • The fact that we could be going bankrupt is so stressful.

  • It's all out of our control.

  • We feel so powerless.

  • This is one of the people there.

  • Another person commented, Quote.

  • There needs to be a game changer in the government's acceptance of responsibility.

  • These buildings should never have been signed off, and I think we're feeling some of the frustration that the whole city has felt.

  • And again we see a lack of accountability.

  • And the truth is, there's been little progress since Greenfield.

  • There's thousands living in unsafe accommodations, and the government and the mayor and the council's keep blaming each other.

  • The truth is, the man at the top needs to accept responsibility.

  • He needs to make sure something happens.

  • It's been nearly four years.

  • And I ask you, Sidique Khan, what have you actually done?

  • I see you out there criticizing and laying blame.

  • But you're the mayor of this city.

  • What have you done about this?

  • I see no evidence of you doing anything.

  • And so I want to get your comments.

  • First of all, tell me, of course.

  • What borough do you live in?

  • Tell me what is the biggest challenge you face?

  • What's the question you wanna ask me and tell me?

  • Be honest.

  • Are you frustrated with the lack of progress in removing flammable cladding from 100 and 50 buildings in London?

  • It's the same material responsible for the Grenfell tragedy.

  • Also, tell me, how do you feel about these low traffic neighborhoods?

  • This street space scheme that the mayor pushed through under the covid pandemic?

  • Do you think the mayor is out of touch with London residents?

  • And finally, do you think that free and fair elections should take place on May 6?

  • Do you think we need to take London in a new direction?

  • Do you think we need an independent voice and new ideas to move forward?

I believe there's another fire tragedy just waiting to happen here in London.

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LESSONS FROM GRENFELL ?: Why The Mayor Has Learnt Nothing From This Tragedy - Brian Rose

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