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  • so I'm going to space.

  • Hayley Arsenault is 29 a cancer survivor, and now she could become the youngest American person ever to fly into space as one for all.

  • Getting this call to go to space came out of completely nowhere, and, um, but I think it just that's the beauty of life.

  • It sometimes it surprises you.

  • Three Opportunity has come her way through her workplace, ST Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

  • It was where she was treated as a child battling bone cancer.

  • So when I was 10 years old, I was working my way towards my black belt, and I had actually just gotten my black belt in taekwondo before I was diagnosed with cancer.

  • But I started having me paying, and they thought it was from overuse from the taekwondo.

  • But then I started limping, and my mom noticed a big not above my left knee, and she took me to the doctor who didn't X ray and I'll never forget.

  • She came in the room with me and my parents and just said, This is bone cancer.

  • My disease is called fascia.

  • So come and it's a bone cancer.

  • It's very serious.

  • If you don't take it fast, it's breast.

  • Um, I spent a year at ST Jude undergoing intense chemo and then also surgery Thio save my leg and as difficult as that year was physically, um, it was the most meaningful year of my life.

  • Arsenal now works at ST Jude as a physician assistant.

  • She was chosen by the hospital and billionaire philanthropist Jared Isaac Hman to fly on the private inspiration for Space X mission.

  • Later in 2021 to fun, it will be the first space flight without an astronaut aboard.

  • But before lift off, there's training to be done.

  • It will start with the centrifuge training, like going around really fast to feel all the G forces on Ben, we're just gonna prepare for any possible situation.

  • We're going to spend a lot of time in the Dragon Simulator andan.

  • I'll get some additional preparation as I'm the medical officer of this flight.

  • Unlike the NASA and Space X flights that go to the International Space Station, this one will travel around the Earth for several days, during which time Arsenault said she expects to participate in science experiments on also make time to video call kids at the hospital.

  • I really hope Thio inspire these kids.

  • Um, by going on this mission that to dream big that they could do anything.

  • Um, I was talking to this little girl yesterday and she was saying that she's upset that she can't run or jump.

  • And I said, You know, I can't run or jump either because I have a prosthesis in my leg.

  • But I said, That's not stopping you from going to space.

  • And so, you know, this mission is is opening space travel up to anyone?

  • And I think that in itself is gonna motivate people and give them so much hope.

  • You know, kids air so visual.

  • And I hope that then being able to see me in space really shows them what their future can look like.

  • I'm the first century patient to go to space.

so I'm going to space.

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Childhood cancer survivor headed to space

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