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  • riot police have opened fire to disperse protesters in Myanmar's largest city, Yangon.

  • Witnesses say they used guns and stun grenades.

  • E o that's now.

  • There were no immediate reports of casualties Protesters have been taking to the streets since the elected government was overthrown in a military coup on February 1st.

  • The military is now officially annulled the results from last November's election.

  • Earlier this month, it replaced the election commission, which had ruled that the party of Exxon Suki won in a landslide victory.

  • The protest march was quickly gripped by panic as shots rang out in Yangon.

  • I'm not gonna be Oh, that's the reason, witnesses say Police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades to disperse the crowd.

  • Hundreds of people had turned out once again blocking roads in Myanmar's commercial center, their defiance openly on display.

  • But police soon moved in to clear them, banging a warning drum with their truncheons against their shields.

  • I don't know on There was an even more severe crackdown in Myanmar's second largest city Mandalay, with several people requiring medical treatment for their injuries.

  • There have bean daily protests and strikes throughout Myanmar since the military took power on February 1st despite the threat of a violent crackdown constantly looming are protests need to keep going.

  • But it's been almost a month now, so some of us are feeling a bit disappointed and depressed.

  • We need to stay strong for the next month or two because it could take some time to remove this Gente Elected leader Ahn Sang Soo Chee has not been seen in public since the coup on her lawyer says he's been allowed no contact.

  • I'm concerned the right to access justice on legal counsel are being violated.

  • Do Legal concerned about Low Souci is due to appear in court on Monday and time is running out to prepare her defense.

  • Outside her younger mansion, a group of supporters gathered toe offer prayers for her release.

  • Let's get some perspective on the story Now We can speak to activists minimum in Yangon.

  • Thank you for joining us now You have been out on the streets.

  • Tell us what you have experienced there.

  • Okay.

  • I have been protesting in Yangon since 10 February.

  • Until yesterday, there was no violent cases in protest areas in Yangon.

  • I missed.

  • The Yangon has been a big choir with shooting cases only in protest areas.

  • I mean, uh, except other townships where police shoot the protest.

  • The protesters arrested the protest leaders on even journalists and even some time doing protest.

  • However, yesterday there were violent cases.

  • Young and military supporters publicly used sharp objects and attack the protester in silly Sam.

  • Almost kind on.

  • Even now Today I went I want to nearly goal.

  • And around 10 I am in the morning that but the police were much in tow.

  • Us and Hiti and shooting us way have to run away from them.

  • Yeah, it sounds like the situation is escalating.

  • Are you afraid that you're going to see and even mawr extensive crackdown by police If you continue to go out into the streets Yeah, that's really were afraid.

  • However, never think that we will stop protesting.

  • We people in Myanmar always find always find a peaceful way to protest and will continue finding people's and the military make violences against their testimonies and they become terrorists now no Myanmar police and military animal.

  • Believe me, we Myanmar people will never make any violent activities and protests against for its violence is now The military we mentioned has now officially annulled those election results from last November, where Aung San Suu, she and her party won by a landslide.

  • Is she still a unifying figure for you and for your movement?

  • Well, uh, she she still is.

  • Well, the 2000 general elections was held under the currently legitimate 2008 Constitution, which the military loves so much.

  • And clearly that's why election results can be I knew the military worlds because they already legitimate event electoral observing, NGOs approved, approved off the 2000 general relations with others through their observations and findings.

  • Because of that, I must say there will be no no impact on the protest movement.

  • Actually, we are no fighting for like election results.

  • We are fighting for democracy.

  • We are fighting to end military dictatorship.

  • We don't want military directorship anymore.

  • We don't want our country's developments to be dealing again like in the past.

  • Okay, we'll have to leave it there, activists and then men speaking to us from Yangon.

  • Thank you so much.

riot police have opened fire to disperse protesters in Myanmar's largest city, Yangon.

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Myanmar police open fire on protesters in Yangon | DW News

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