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  • en BA Now Utah won 14, Lakers 89 LeBron mercifully parked on the bench in the fourth quarter of this one.

  • Look at this liquid hot magma take from Woody Paige.

  • Where has this been my whole?

  • Finally somebody showing respect to the Jazz.

  • Best jazz team you've ever seen even better than Stockton.

  • Them alone years when they made the finals, would you convince your cohorts this?

  • This team has mawr depth that has more talent, evenly divided.

  • It has actually better coaching that they had.

  • Then I was there at the finals against the Bulls.

  • And of course, we know that Michael Jordan took over that Siri's.

  • But when you look at it, that team was all about, uh, Stockton and Malone.

  • They surrounded him with a bunch of players that were just fillings.

  • I mean, you talk about market types and center, so I'm not a second.

  • But you made your point.

  • I'm getting left, er a laugh track.

  • Jackie MacMullan first to you.

  • Well, I just find it hilarious that you don't think centering a team around Stockton and Malone is a good idea.

  • They're like two of the greatest players of all the time.

  • and the greatest 50 players of all time.

  • So I will say this, Woody.

  • I get your point.

  • And the depth is a good point because this team is built differently.

  • But let's just hold on a minute.

  • Those teams did go to the finals.

  • If it weren't for Jordan, they probably would have won multiple championships.

  • I love this Utah Jazz team, but I think you're just getting a little ahead of yourself.

  • There.

  • Jackie, is 100% right.

  • Come on, Woody.

  • You're you're You're just trying to stir it up a little bit here.

  • You're talking about 2 50 players of all time.

  • That made it two to N B A Finals.

  • They had longevity.

  • They were always in the playoffs.

  • This team got knocked out in the first round.

  • Maybe.

  • Can they can they get there this year?

  • Maybe if things break right, Anthony Davis doesn't come back.

  • I love this Utah team, but come on now.

  • It's not better than the teams that had in 97.

  • No, Woody, you're You're taking submits right now.

  • Clinton!

  • Yates, Are you with Woody here?

  • Are you with Frankie and Jackie?

  • I mean, not only where the top 50 players.

  • They were dream teamers at that.

  • Jerry Sloan.

  • I'm not throwing that kind of disrespect to him, but I do think there's something to be said about what the Jazz have done over the last three seasons.

  • Three years ago, we were kind of like, Oh, nice and upcoming team.

  • Things got a little thrown off kilter last season.

  • Now they are robust.

  • They are tremendous in the three point line, and they're one of the best teams, if not the best team in the n b a.

  • That game Last night, they Lakers only had 64 points going into the fourth quarter.

  • I mean, to me, this is the dominant team in the NBA right now, and they've got, you know, the winds.

  • What are you taking in water right now?

  • Please resurrect your case here.

  • A Jazz had a two man team.

  • They had a two man game.

  • It was back and forth between Stockton and Malone.

  • This team last night during a time out, shut up a time out last night, Quin Snyder said, You know, guys, keep the 44 spread.

  • They couldn't shoot three pointers back in like this team down in the world on.

  • And you also had Quin Snyder is doing a great job better than Jerry Sloan.

  • I mean, this is a tough one for Carmelo is an M v p.

  • Guys, you're the lead coming up logo talk.

  • Everybody's gonna take this quiz now, courtesy of basketball academics.

  • Who do you see?

  • What Jordan, of course, got shocked.

  • All right, there's a Kobe and LeBron Oh e Oh, Thomas e.

  • I didn't see that.

  • Katie Twitter.

  • Oh, man, that's that's cold.

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en BA Now Utah won 14, Lakers 89 LeBron mercifully parked on the bench in the fourth quarter of this one.

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Woody Paige defends his tweet saying this Jazz team is better than Stockton-Malone | Around the Horn

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