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  • What do they need to do to get him to the right place psychologically this season?

  • Yeah, first of all, great conversations in communication.

  • But there's a process here, and it's a step by step process.

  • First of all, let's get to the football field like, what does it look like on the football field?

  • You gotta make him a whiner.

  • W h y n er what are our pre snap thoughts on this stuff?

  • Why are we calling these plays?

  • What do your post snap thoughts that's gonna give him a plan.

  • When you have a plan, you get to play fast.

  • You have all the answers, then you go down to like your feet.

  • Okay, Um or excuse me, your eyes.

  • Where are we supposed to be looking?

  • Pre snap.

  • Why are we looking there?

  • Who were the Who is the guy that we're looking at?

  • If that guy does this, where we going with the football?

  • Or where we going with your eyes?

  • That that creates the discipline and the clarity.

  • And then the feet are a big part of this.

  • The timing and the rhythm, the rhythm of the play.

  • In our offense, it's always married together.

  • You gotta do your part with your feet.

  • No more fade aways.

  • No more jump throws play with balance and structure Now greeny those three things.

  • The understanding, the why of the plays, understanding where your eyes need to be and your feet, those air, this daily commitment right When when he's got what happens sometimes with quarterbacks is they come in and they're so talented, right that you can start toe.

  • Let go of those daily commitments of the basics that Frank right mentions because the talent carries you, and slowly it gets less and less and less and less.

  • And once that becomes this gashing gap, the talent isn't good enough to carry you anymore.

  • So it's gonna take that daily commitment by the coaching staff and Carson to really hone in on that stuff and commit, because once they get that back consistent, that's when you see the talent shine again.

  • And just to be clear, that feels to me just listening to it.

  • And you obviously your expertise.

  • I defer to it that feels like stuff you would do with a brand new player and stuff you would do with the rookie, not with a guy who's been in the legal long time and has this huge contract.

  • No, that's that's what every players to do.

  • I remember being with Peyton Manning in 2011, and we would be in our individual drills, warmups, and Peyton would be methodical and maniacal with, like, the rotation of his shoulder, how we wanted to finish his throw.

  • We'd go through our footwork drills and he'd be obsessed with Okay.

  • Is my stride Ah, foot or 2 ft or six inches where I wanted to Exactly.

  • Where are my eyes?

  • Every snap.

  • Finding the pre the free safety and then looking to the right and then coming back to our check down.

  • I don't care what level player you are at.

  • That should be something that you build into your daily routine.

  • So it's it is absolute muscle memory, because again, once you have that, then the talent good point of your game.

  • That's fascinating.

  • I think.

  • Rob, uh, give me a quick first guess.

  • How good is this gonna be?

  • He's back with, right?

  • He got He is in the perfect place with a really good team.

  • How good is it gonna bay?

  • I think it could be great.

  • I think it could be a great marriage back together.

  • Having the confidence.

  • I think confidence is number one in the NFL.

  • When you have the confidence of the coaches and the people around you that brings yourself that brings you back to that feeling of Okay, I know I could do this because my coaches, they know I could do it.

  • So, you know, I think Dance had the best muscle memory, getting back to muscle memory and just going out there and playing football.

  • Not overthinking.

  • Um, that's when a lot of people get in trouble.

  • Players get in trouble, they get out there.

  • They start over thinking they start doing too much as opposed to what you did when you were young or a rookie back to the basics.

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What do they need to do to get him to the right place psychologically this season?

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