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  • Where do we stand right now, Jeff.

  • Between the Cowboys and Dak Prescott?

  • Well, greeny.

  • For many, this is the beginning of the franchise process.

  • For Dak Prescott, it feels more like a restart.

  • Let's not forget that it was last year when the team also applied the franchise tag not on the opening day of the franchise tag window, but instead toward the end March 9th being that deadline this time around.

  • This is significant, though this day is significant because basically, what we're talking about here is the Dallas Cowboys saying, Hey, look, if we can't reach a long term deal, we'll probably slap that tag on you again.

  • So let's get to the table.

  • Let's start negotiating.

  • Very important to point out here, though speaking with people on both sides of this thing, it does not sound as if any progress has been made in a long term extension for Dak Prescott.

  • So while this is the beginning of the process for this year, it also feels like we still have a very long way to go.

  • It's this groundhog.

  • I mean, it's just every single day.

  • They're getting no closer to a resolution while the clock is ticking.

  • Let me bring the whole crew in here and let's talk about this.

  • I mean, Mike Tannenbaum.

  • First of all, you've been the general manager.

  • You've been in the room when these conversations take place, do you directly say, if you're sitting in that room, do you directly say, Look, we're going to tag you if we don't get a deal done?

  • Is that explicit of those conversations that actually take place when you're in the room having these discussions?

  • 100%?

  • I'm saying that at the beginning of the conversation, I'm saying it at the end.

  • We may not announce it until, as Jeff alluded to maybe March 9th, but they will know in no uncertain terms that if we can't get a deal done, we are gonna franchise you that's not in your best interest or are best interest, but 100%.

  • We will tell you by March 9th, if we don't have a deal and Mike, I want to use the word urgency here because, ah, year ago, the franchise tag was a luxury that the Cowboys on their side of the negotiating process had.

  • It's a very different one this year.

  • Could you explain just how different it is for the Cowboys than it was a year ago.

  • Absolutely greeny.

  • And I've been in the room.

  • I've been there.

  • He is 12 months away from graduating.

  • He they could tag him next year, but it's cost prohibitive.

  • So last year they had the luxury of like, Hey, if we get a deal done on our terms, great.

  • If not, we have the tag in 21 This year, there is a pit in their stomach.

  • I've been there.

  • It stinks.

  • They have no leverage.

  • They have to get a deal done.

  • And if they can't the second best option this year.

  • Unlike last year, greeny is a sign and trade.

  • I did it with John Abraham going back to 2000 and six, where there was no deal could be done with John Abraham and his agents, and we were able to get a first round pick.

  • But if I'm Dallas, if I can't get a long term deal done, I really have to look at trading him because the alternative is even worse, which is in 12 months.

  • We get nothing except a calm picks, so there is a lot of pressure on Dallas.

  • They have a pit in their stomach, and this is massively different than it was 12 months ago.

  • Alright, So Luis Riddick, I mean, what once and for all the fact that we're being told that as we arrive at this place again, they are no closer to making a deal, it seems, and they have been at any other stage in the process.

  • What does that say to you, Lewis?

  • And what does it mean?

  • Or does it tell us about what's gonna happen?

  • Yeah.

  • What it means is, to me that they just don't feel is, though.

  • That deck truly is in the same conversation as the Patrick Mahomes is, and the decision, Watson's and the people who we go on shows all the time and talk about as being transcended generational difference makers because they're not willing to go ahead and do whatever it takes to go ahead and get their quarterback in the fold and then fit everything else around the structure of his contract.

  • They're just not willing to do that.

  • And that's his mind blowing to me especially, You know, I e like, I've seen that play his entire career, so What did I do just the other day?

  • A couple days ago, I went back and just started watching some of his best throws and really watching some of his worst throws and just watching him throw the football and execute within the confines and context.

  • This offense and it's just I just don't I don't understand what else it is that Dallas could know that we don't Noah's faras his performance on the football field or what we know about back off the football field.

  • That would give them pause to not go ahead and make sure that they do everything they can from a contract negotiating standpoint in the future cap planning standpoint.

  • To get this done, I don't understand what the hang up is.

  • If it's if it's the number of years, I don't understand why they can't go ahead and make some, you know and make some kind of concessions to make sure that this deal gets done because what he brings to the football field this year, in particular when he wasn't on the football field, spoke volumes toe all of us and it had to speak volumes to them too.

  • So yeah, I think the exasperation that I hear in your voice screening when you talk about this is the same one that everyone across the country is going.

  • How in the heck are we here at this point again, Jeff?

  • I mean, that's what we keep being told is that this comes down to the years like they wanted five years and Jack wanted four years.

  • They're allowing the entire franchise toe hang in the balance over that discrepancy.

  • It just doesn't compute in my mind, Jeff, but that's what I keep being told is the hold up greeny.

  • And that's what makes this so much more complicated this year than it did last year and the year before that.

  • Because Dak Prescott wanted four years, not five, last year, The Cowboys want him on a five year deal.

  • So what happens this year?

  • Does Dax say Hey, look, the clock still ticking now?

  • It's three years now.

  • It's a three year deal.

  • I mean, So how did the Cowboys handle that to me?

  • It just feels like the further away we get from the start, the harder it will be to bridge the gap.

  • And that's why I have zero faith in this process.

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Where do we stand right now, Jeff.

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