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  • The prime minister has defended plans for teachers to grade G, C S, E and A level pupils in England this summer, calling it a good compromise.

  • The decision follows last year's exam fiasco, when grades were decided by an algorithm With so much time lost, People's will now only be assessed on what they've been taught.

  • Grades will be decided by teachers using mock exams, coursework, essays and optional tests provided by exam boards.

  • Results will be published earlier in August to allow more time for appeals that are expected to follow.

  • Today's announcement comes after similar moves in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

  • But there are concerns about the fairness of the approach, including the issue of grade inflation.

  • Our education editor Brahma Jeffries reports.

  • Come on three Matthew, take a seat.

  • Schools will be testing all pupils when they return, but for co vid not their grades.

  • Check in the mirror that you go into the right place.

  • When year Elevens are back, any work could count.

  • Thank you.

  • A lot of pressure has been put on all of us.

  • This is the crucial G.

  • C s E year for Elliott and Elizabeth.

  • Let me get into the colleges on the university's I Want to Go Thio relief today that teachers will decide what counts towards their grades.

  • I find it ah, lot better because I get under pressure a lot more in exams.

  • So I think whilst I'm comfortable in my lessons, I think it's a lot better for me.

  • I'm perfectly fine with it because I'm comfortable with my teachers.

  • I know them well and I know that the work I've done in lesson should get me good grade.

  • Together with the measures, this is the least worst option.

  • MPs were told today.

  • Our approach in the face of the worst disruption toe education since the Second World War has bean to protect the progress of pupils on students.

  • Now, for the first time, he said, he trusts teachers.

  • I can't help wondering why he only trusts teachers when there's a chance to make them responsible for what happens with exams.

  • If grades go up a lot this year, then teenagers who benefits and their families aren't likely to complain immediately.

  • But if they're massively out of line with other years, then they won't hold their value in the long term on.

  • Of course not everyone will get the results they want, leaving schools to tread a very tricky, difficult path for each pupil in every subject, they have to look at the evidence where more is needed.

  • This school will use extra exam questions provided for some students.

  • These questions that are being set nationally will have greater waiting because we need them.

  • But for some students, it won't be such a great waiting.

  • So if we can work on both the GCC grade on their progression, then it should ease that challenge.

  • But yes, I do worry that it is a bit of a hospital pass from government A level students at home around the country told us they want to level playing field.

  • I'm more concerned as to whether some colleges inflate grades whilst others do not end.

  • I think that could lead to a lot of discrepancies.

  • This was probably the fairest way for us to be assessed just because of the stress exams would have caused US theme regulator told me it will be different from the chaos of last year.

  • Teachers knew that their proposed grades were going to be put into a giant mixing pot and spiced up with the mysterious algorithm on.

  • Of course, as you know, the algorithm isn't gonna be used this Yes, So teachers will recognize that the grades they recommend or the grades that students will end up getting schools do have their work cut out, welcoming back every year group and by June telling pupils what they'll use to work out grades.

  • Brown and Jeffries BBC News Manchester.

The prime minister has defended plans for teachers to grade G, C S, E and A level pupils in England this summer, calling it a good compromise.

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Boris Johnson defends plans for teachers to decide exam grades - BBC News

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