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  • Perhaps no one at this network shares off camera relationship with Tiger Woods, more so than our own Scott Van Pelt, who presides over our golf coverage at the Masters and other tournaments.

  • And Scott, first and foremost.

  • Thank you for joining us.

  • Your reaction when you heard this news this afternoon as always, listening that you talk to Ramona.

  • The Kobe thing just is so vivid and the moments that you're hearing about something happening and then as you so well put, you know, there's these aerial pictures and now we're looking at an automobile, and, um, it's just it's just jarring.

  • And your first thought is, I hope he's all right and I don't mean all right.

  • As in like, Not injured, it's pretty clear he's injured.

  • I hope he's with us.

  • You know, I hope he's still alive, and immediately I'm reaching out to people in the game and, um, it Z as you know you.

  • You you cover this sport very well for us as well and and have a great passion for the game.

  • It's a small, tight knit group, Um, and it's the people that play it, and it's the caddies and the club the club reps and, um, the media that cover it, the writers and all the rest.

  • It's a very small group, Um, and it's really tight.

  • And, um so I I was just immediately reaching out to see if anyone was able to tell me anything.

  • And pretty, uh, pretty quickly, I got back the sense that he had been pretty badly injured, but that the thought was that, um he was not hadn't suffered life threatening injuries.

  • Um, that's the sense of what I got back.

  • And then, you know, you just, uh you just hope for the best.

  • I mean, um, this is someone that and he and I have joked my entire career that he's single handedly responsible for it.

  • And it's not a joke.

  • I met him when he was a freshman at Stanford, and he became this this rock star, and, uh, I was lucky enough to be close enough to cover him and came to ESPN because I covered him.

  • And, um, over time, you get to know each other as people and he becomes a dad.

  • And, um, you know, becomes an old guy with a bald spot in the fuse back as I've talked about so many times, it becomes so much more relatable is a human, uh, than he was when he was a 20 something year old Superman.

  • And was this this superhero version of off of us?

  • And so it's, um it's just it's odd.

  • You know, Matt, when when you you feel so you know, personally connected this story because you just want so badly for this person you know to be okay.

  • I don't give a damn about the golf, you know, It couldn't matter less.

  • He gave.

  • He gave us more than just about any other athlete we've seen and our life's in terms of the moments that move you and make you feel.

  • And so at this moment, I don't find myself, uh, at all concerned about Augusta or anything else.

  • I just think for him and for his Children, I hope he's all right, man.

  • That's that's really it.

  • Yeah.

  • And Scott, I think the point that you bring up for not only those of us who love the sport cover the sport, and it have long admired Tiger Woods of what he's been able to do with within the confines of the ropes.

  • of a golf tournament.

  • You could look at Tiger's career.

  • Maybe in three phases, tiger.

  • One point.

  • Oh, the Phanom tiger two point.

  • Oh, the dominant golfer, Tiger.

  • Three point.

  • Oh, after the scandal in the injuries to get back to the point where he wins the Masters in 2019.

  • As you've seen him, Scott developed as a person.

  • How has he changed in your eyes?

  • From who we saw early 90 or late nineties?

  • Early two, thousands to who we've been accustomed to over the last few years?

  • Well, he, uh he had that look for so long, uh, that it was somewhat Zen, and it was somewhat boxer getting in the ducking under the ropes to get in the ring.

  • This that almost zombie like state that he didn't let a soul in.

  • Um, and it was a means to an end, and it worked.

  • I mean, he was devastating out there.

  • Um, but then after, uh, after the mess that he largely made of his own personal life and and then a comeback, there was there was a bit mawr of an access that he gave to people outside.

  • He solicited that he, um and I remember telling him, You know it, It feels good to let people hug you.

  • You just gotta let him.

  • And I met his peers and the people outside the ropes that adored him and what you saw him at in 19 when he won and he walked to the same spot where he hugged his father.

  • And then he hugged his son and his daughter, um, and and the sound that the patrons made.

  • I'll never forget it.

  • Like Thio here, that golf tournament sound like LSU on a night games that, like Tiger Stadium there chanting, Tiger, Tiger, Tiger!

  • And you saw his peers come line up just just to shake his hand and to see him connect to those people as he walked.

  • Um, it felt different.

  • It felt like he understood that that they meant maybe more to him than he knew, and that he understood what he meant to them and that in that moment of connecting in a different way as a human, you know, as a dad, as a as a part up flawed version of us, in a way, right?

  • Uh, back in that place, we never maybe thought we'd see him again.

  • I think that's how he changed.

  • I think he he let he let his fans love him and acknowledged that it meant something to him.

  • Um, and And at that moment, helped frame it.

  • All he really needed was Sam and Charlie.

  • His kids, that's all he needed.

  • But having those people, they're Thio to provide the soundtrack.

  • You know, for that moment, I know what it meant to him.

  • I mean, because he's expressed it to me.

  • I know what it meant.

  • And there were a lot of times met that I think he took that for granted and couldn't have given a crap.

  • Um, it just it was an inconvenience.

  • It got to be so out of hand, you know, Whereas then it was, you know, when When when those roars died down, I think I think I know it meant something for him to hear him again.

Perhaps no one at this network shares off camera relationship with Tiger Woods, more so than our own Scott Van Pelt, who presides over our golf coverage at the Masters and other tournaments.

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