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  • a lot of medics have turned out.

  • We've got lots of dark staff and members from the public and wet suits on hand so you can probably hear there's a lot of vocalizations going on now.

  • Whales have got lots of water around them and they're starting to talk to each other.

  • Got a young calf here.

  • There is free swimming and quite active.

  • So we're looking forward to the high tide, which will be within the hour.

  • Hopefully get all of these whales grouped together.

  • Onda, send them out to deeper water.

  • Sadly, there in nine whales that haven't made it but the wrist looking good.

  • So right now we're just waiting for the whales that have further back toe have water around them into moving closer to the rest of the pod.

  • We've got one whale that were pontoon ing further up on bringing closer to the pod.

  • Then we will get them into a tight group on refloat them.

  • Our volunteers At the moment, I just gently rocking them from side to side to restore their equilibrium or their balance.

  • After being on a hard beach all day.

  • E o.

a lot of medics have turned out.

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Rescuers save whales from notorious stranding spot - BBC News

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