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  • correct.

  • I haven't pissed yellow in 10 years.

  • You have any idea how how difficult it is for a man my age toe produce a viable sperm specimen?

  • O Lord, my cock barely even works anymore.

  • Had to use one of those machines like they used to milk cows.

  • But it did the trick.

  • And I finally found my vessel.

  • Yes.

  • The guy.

  • Yes.

  • Yeah.

  • Fuck, Fuck Fucking We haven't arrangement way made a deal.

  • No, I'm not sure what the pepper told you.

  • Uh, yes.

  • What did selling boy?

  • I would never lie.

  • Thio Karnak exhort or Stanley.

  • So tell me where sky is or I'm gonna eat your fucking hard.

  • You understand?

  • We're talking about my legacy.

  • Here.

  • Let me see what's happening.

  • Sky belongs.

  • Yeah, easy now.

  • Easy, tiger.

  • Now just take it easy.

  • I think we can negotiate here.

  • Oh, give me the knife life Let me put it to you like this Sky is gone.

  • She ain't never coming back She got her hooks into you too When you see her don't forget to tell her That boy she's carrying belongs to May And I don't give a damn if I have to cut that baby out of her belly myself.


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Jungleland (2020) - Vicious Gangster Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

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