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  • a lot of you have been calling out and asking the mayor a simple question.

  • When will you debate Brian Rose?

  • All I wanna do is talk about the fax.

  • I am very critical of the mayor's failure when it comes to tackling knife crime, his failure when it comes to building affordable housing, his failure when it comes to getting our economy back on track, his failure to keep our transport system out of bankruptcy.

  • I'm very clear about that.

  • But the data speaks for itself.

  • And if he wants to debate this, let's let the voters decide.

  • Let's give you both options.

  • The truth is, I am the Onley person who could beat Sadiq Khan.

  • At this point, I know how to get businesses back toe work, and it takes innovation.

  • It takes new ideas.

  • It takes solving problems.

  • The current mayor avoids discussions and consultations at all stages.

  • He's unelected, he's unaccountable, and he is avoiding scrutiny.

  • You don't need me in the back of a bus streaming live to you to point out the mayor doesn't care about Londoners.

  • Everyone can see it in his actions.

  • He's above us.

  • He's worried about his next job.

  • That he wants to get his prime minister.

  • This is just a stepping stone in his long political career, and we are all paying the price for it on.

  • That's the reason I decided to put my business on hold in my personal life on hold my family on hold to be your next mayor of London because I can't sit by and watch this current crop of politicians run the city.

  • I love London into the ground.

a lot of you have been calling out and asking the mayor a simple question.

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Battle Bus Live ? ? ?? | Why I Am The Only Mayoral Candidate Who Can Beat Sadiq Khan | TRAILER

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/24
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