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  • a lot of your career has been covering Tiger Woods.

  • Ah, lot of your career has been getting interviews from him and statements from his agent, Mark Steinberg.

  • What can you tell us about everything going on in the Los Angeles area?

  • Well, from the the photos and video that you showed in the the confirmed reports we have, that obviously looks very, very serious.

  • I mean, the cars looks awful.

  • It rolled his luggage is out of the car.

  • Hey.

  • Needed to be taken in an ambulance to the hospital.

  • His agent studies in surgery.

  • Um, he reported, uh, multiple injuries to his leg or legs.

  • We don't know exactly to what extent.

  • Um, obviously, it's not good, no matter what.

  • Especially the way, The way we're looking at that, it doesn't look good.

  • And as I was listening there to Curtis, you know, you just sort of hope it looks worse than it is because, you know, that's a pretty horrific scene right there.

  • And, you know, this is a guy who's been through a lot physically, uh, in the last several years, and obviously, this is something that is, um is quite quite difficult to ascertain now, after all that he's been through.

  • Bob, you are senior Gulf reporter here.

  • You're right for ESPN dot com.

  • You follow the tour, you're at these events and you know the difference between a Tiger tournament and another PGA Tour tournament.

  • And we had gotten a custom over the past couple of years.

  • Pre fifth back surgery of the Gulf world being a Tiger Woods golf world again.

  • When you saw him with Jim Nance on Sunday, when Jim was trying to get out of him the status of his back and whether or not he's going to be able to compete in the Masters.

  • When you saw and heard that interview, what did you think?

  • Well, he didn't look great, to be honest with you.

  • Um, he, uh you know, I was not there and the the amount of information that's been coming out since his, uh, latest back procedure, which was actually December 23rd, and they didn't tell us about it for nearly three weeks.

  • Uh, there's just been since then there's been no update, you know, they've not told us anything, and and Jim Nance is best to try to get it out of him and Tiger painted a pretty bleak picture for for where he was at all, though that particular procedure is not believed to be serious.

  • It was another micro dissecting me.

  • He's had three of those before.

  • Hey, was walking the same day.

  • It's an outpatient thing, Uh, but but obviously, for a guy who had so much go on with his back, you you worry about it.

  • And there was still fairly decent hope that he'd be back for the Masters.

  • Uh, through that, although he gave no guarantees.

  • The thing is, is we saw yesterday a bunch of social media posts of him hitting balls and taking part in a in an outing that is for a paid endorser of his.

  • And apparently that's where he was headed again this morning.

  • So, you know, he was He was he was able to take part in those things.

  • Whether or not that many complain a golf tournament anytime soon is is something that we're all still wondering about.

  • It, obviously, now is is not of importance in the social media posts.

  • Huge referenced was on the course with David Spade and Dwyane Wade in the Los Angeles area.

  • We know the Genesis was just in the Los Angeles area tournament, with which Tiger Host and, of course, he was just emcee at this point this year, he's not playing any golf historically, Bob, But I thought you said something.

  • They're interested.

  • I wanna peel back a little bit.

  • You had said that the Tigers camp didn't make any of the Gulf riders aware of the surgery until sometime after.

  • How has his camp handled this process?

  • Oh, probably since 2013, 2014, with his injury issues, with his back, with not exactly knowing what's going on with Tiger.

  • Well, there's they've they've they've been very, very slow to announce that he think typically, we hear about it after the fact and without a lot of details.

  • Um, you know, the very first one that he had back in 2000 and 14, Uh, they told us a day later that was March 31st, 2014.

  • And on April 1st they announced that he had had and that he'd be out of the Masters.

  • Um, he had that same procedure twice in 2000 and 15, both seemingly out of nowhere.

  • Uh, he had he had one in September.

  • And then he had another 16 weeks later in October and for the entirety of 2016.

  • He didn't play, and yet they never said he would be out the whole year.

  • Uh, you know, we would get these three weeks before the Masters or two weeks before the Masters or two weeks before the U.

  • S.

  • Open before the Open, the PGA that he wasn't gonna play, but they strong it along the whole time.

  • He finally did play in the fall of his world, the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas.

  • In the 17, he started out with two events, Uh, including the one all the way into by were only played one round, and he didn't play again until until almost a year later, because that's when he had the spinal fusion surgery in the spring of 17, which, as we've seen, you know, saved his career.

  • He played great golf.

  • Afterward, he he got his highest sixth in the world.

a lot of your career has been covering Tiger Woods.

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