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  • I'm interested in knowing when we talk about the Gulf War, because I know you've spoken to several people in the golf world.

  • Obviously, over the last 24 hours or so.

  • I'm interested in knowing, you know, just the outpouring of emotion, how it speaks to the change.

  • Whatever change that has taken place with Tiger Woods.

  • Can you crystallize for the audience out there?

  • You know what Tiger Woods Waas compared to what he is now as a person, because it seems like it is one thing for the for the obvious.

  • To be foot fourth, you're happy he's alive and things of that nature.

  • But it's another thing entirely where you see the emotions pouring for him in ways that you never anticipated.

  • It would pour out for Tiger Woods at least once upon a time.

  • Things have changed drastically for him.

  • Can you crystallize that for our audience?

  • Absolutely.

  • Stephen A.

  • And it goes back to the Tiger Woods that was, and the Tiger Woods that is.

  • And he has changed as a person.

  • During our radio show I was on and we had Paul easing or on, and he was talking about the Tiger Woods that he used to compete against and why the young guys now are so emotional.

  • And he said something that really struck me and hit home because off how true it is.

  • And he said when he was playing against Tiger Woods, Tiger was uncomfortable.

  • If you were comfortable with him, the kids now Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler.

  • Tiger now is uncomfortable if you're not comfortable with him.

  • And I think that speaks a lot to who Tiger Woods is today compared to who he was before.

  • Which is why, with all the young golfers that are on the P G.

  • A tour now, why you see the outpouring from athletes, not even in golf but in all sports.

  • The outpouring off emotion and prayers, hoping for the best for Tiger Woods because the Tiger Woods in 2000 is not the Tiger Woods of today.

  • And I don't mean the golfer.

  • I mean the person.

  • And so the person that everyone loves today is a different person because he's a father because of everything that he's gone through in his life.

  • It is very difficult, even for the most stringent tiger haters that are out there not to root for this guy because off the comebacks that we've seen in everything that he's gone through as you see now, that hug with him and Charlie when he won the 2019 Masters and there with his mom, that kind of emotion, knowing everything he had gone through and then looking back and remembering the the hug that he shared with his dad on that green.

  • That's the guy we now know.

  • That's the guy that we all now appreciate because of the growth of a human being that is Tiger Woods.

  • By the way, I should mention that that stretch of road where he crashed, apparently the reporting is that that's known locally as a dangerous spot where there are accidents.

  • I just wanted to mention that because I haven't mentioned it when I said, What will the investigation show?

  • Um, piggybacking off of that question.

  • Michael in like moviemaking in a script.

  • Ideally, the emotional arc of the character matches the action, right, the arc of the action and in Tiger Woods case as you're describing his emotional journey and where he wound up, you know, he won his first major in forever.

  • What was it?

  • 11 years at the Masters, right?

  • So he'd finally it kind of in that emotional journey that matched the action of the story.

  • And if he never golfs again, it feels like the 2019 Masters is the perfect ending.

  • Is that something that is being discussed in?

  • Have you have you considered that?

  • Is that being discussed in golf circles like No, he got there, won the Masters.

  • That's no, because it's Tiger Woods and you have to remember he won after that as well.

  • He tied Sam Snead's record later, Um, and so that's the one thing about golf when when when you look at golf, there is no walk away like John Elway like you win the Super Bowl and say, That's it.

  • A Hats off a Mountain Dew.

  • The mic drop very rarely, if ever, in golf.

  • Does that happen because guys can keep playing.

  • And remember, there's P G a tour champions.

  • That is, after you know, 50 that you could go play on.

  • And I know Tiger, you know, wanted to try and compete in the U.

  • S.

  • Senior Open, and if he when won that tournament, then he would be the only player toe have all USDA trophies in his house in history, which, you know Tiger loves stuff like that.

  • So as movie esque as it would have been for him to win that Masters and then just walk away into the sunset, maybe Onley playing in events with Charlie like we saw him do it the father son last last year.

  • That's not quite how golf works.

  • And so that's also why Now you hear golfers talk about if there's one guy who would be able to come back from any injury out there.

  • It's Tiger Woods because what we've seen him go through before, how he won the US Open in 2000 and eight on a broken leg, how he came back through those back surgeries and, you know, won the Masters.

  • This is Tiger Woods we're talking about, so you never doubt him.

I'm interested in knowing when we talk about the Gulf War, because I know you've spoken to several people in the golf world.

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