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  • to meet the challenges of this new age if we lead with our core strengths.

  • Our democratic values are diverse and dynamic people we both recognize our responsibility is leading democracies to defend our shared values around the world, the strength and our own democracies at home.

  • That means rooting out systemic racism, unconscious bias from our institutions and our laws as well as our hearts.

  • Today we agreed to re establish the cross border crime forum and work together to modernize our approach to community safety, going to do all the most the most we can doom or to take on racism and discrimination in both our systems.

  • Canada in the United States are not only vital partners where NATO allies committed to share defense.

  • Prime Minister and I discussed our work with our European allies to bolster transatlantic security, which includes meeting our whales commitments.

  • We also agreed to modernize the North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD, which is still the only buy national military command and of its kind, and we will launch an expanded US Canadian Arctic dialogue, cover issues related to continental security, economic and social development and Arctic governance, and finally coming on the heels of the G seven meeting last Friday.

  • It was an opportunity for Prime Minister Trudeau and I to explore our bilateral partnership to reinforce and helped drive issues of concern and our hemisphere and globally that includes coordinating our approaches the better compete with China on the counter, threats to our interests and values.

  • Let me reiterate our support for the release of the detained Chinese social detained in China to Canadians Michael Spot Bar and Michael Cove in covering Excuse me, Human beings are not bartering chips.

  • You know, we're gonna work together until we get there Safe return.

  • Canada and the United States will stand together against abuse of universal rights and democratic freedoms.

  • We're going to strengthen our shared commitment to providing safe haven for refugees and asylum seekers and so much more.

  • United States has no closer and gnome or important friend than Canada.

  • Our nation's share close geography and history that will forever bind us together.

  • But our values, or even more consequential, is.

  • But it's a shared spirit of our people.

  • That's going to ensure ours is the future of hope and opportunity.

  • Canadians and Americans, our innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, competitive, open hearted rights respected.

  • There's nothing we cannot achieve when we commit ourselves to it.

  • And when we work together is the closest of friends.

  • Should we only make each other stronger?

  • Thank you again, Mr Prime Minister, for your friends, Chip and for your leadership look forward to when we're able to meet in person.

  • And, uh, and all the Canada, the United States air going to accomplish together.

  • God bless you in.

  • Thanks for today.

  • Thank you so much, Joe.

  • Thank you, Helmond.

  • The mayor Settlement.

  • Let me begin by saying that all of us are thinking of our friends in Texas right now.

  • I know Sask Power has been sending electricity down.

  • And as I told the President, Canada is here to help however we can.

  • Mr.

  • President, it's been great to sit down with you this afternoon.

  • This is of course, not the first time we've worked together.

  • Back in 2016, I had the pleasure of hosting you here in Ottawa as vice president over dinner, I remember talking about how the extraordinary friendship between Canada and the United States has not just weathered changing seasons.

  • It has grown ever deeper and stronger.

  • Well, today we're taking our next step forward, the president and I discussed the ambitious new partnership roadmap based on shared values and priorities that will guide our countries work together over the coming years.

  • In the face of covert 19 of climate change of rising inequality.

  • This is our moment to act.

  • So we're not wasting any time in getting down to work.

  • Job one remains keeping people safe and ending this pandemic.

  • This afternoon the president and I discussed collaboration to beat Covert 19 from keeping key supplies, moving and supporting science and research to joint efforts through international institutions.

  • We're standing united in this fight.

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  • I know the president and I are on the same page when it comes to standing up for the middle class and people working hard to join it.

  • And with millions of families relying on the Canada U.

  • S.

  • Partnership, this is work we must do together.

  • Just take the energy industry.

  • Canadian energy workers, power homes on both sides of the border.

  • It goes to show that we're all better off for this partnership.

  • Today the president and I discussed leveraging supply chains and support for businesses to create girl good, well paying jobs and help people who have been hardest hit.

  • Get back on their feet.

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  • We're facing tough times.

  • There's no doubt, but we're not facing them alone.

  • Canada and the United States are each other's closest allies, most important trading partners and oldest friends.

  • And we stand united to beat this pandemic and build a better tomorrow.

  • And I know our bone bond will grow even stronger.

  • Thank you, Mr President.

  • Thank you, Joe, for your leadership, your engagement and thank you in advance for all the great work we're gonna be doing together.

  • Your semen.

  • Any chest in hard wall.

to meet the challenges of this new age if we lead with our core strengths.

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LIVE: Biden and Trudeau speak following bilateral meeting

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