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  • The prime minister has confirmed that the UK government will consider the case for the introduction off so called vaccine passports.

  • The document could take the form of a vaccine certificate or proof of covert status on the NHS Mobile app could be modified to carry that information, but Mr Johnson was keen to emphasize the considerable difficulties involved on it is an idea that he and other ministers have dismissed several times in the past.

  • He said he was still confident that all restrictions in England could be lifted by June, the 21st in Scotland.

  • The first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has unveiled what she called a deliberately cautious strategy, with a phased reopening off the economy more in Scotland in just a moment.

  • But first our deputy political editor Vicky Young, on the debated Westminster up and down the country every minute of the day, Thank you.

  • People are getting some protection from the virus that's changed our lives.

  • This'll is our way out of co Vered restrictions If everything goes according to plan this summer, dance floors, theaters and concert venues could be packed once mawr.

  • But should everyone be let through the doors or only those who've been vaccinated.

  • Ministers need to decide soon.

  • We're looking at a novelty for our country.

  • We haven't had stuff like this before.

  • We've never thought in terms of having something that you have to show to go to a pub or theater that s there deep and complex issues that we need to explore ethical issues.

  • Not everyone is waiting for the government review to protect vulnerable residents, some care homes, air asking employees for proof.

  • They've had a vaccine with new staff that are joining us.

  • We're just going to make it a requirement that they have to have the vaccine.

  • And if they're not willing to, then they can't work for us.

  • It's not just the care sector.

  • Taking this approach other companies want to employees to be vaccinated to is gonna be the protection and safety of their staff and also protection and safety of their customers.

  • So I feel it's a no brainer.

  • Basically, what about people who decide that they either can't have one for medical reasons or they don't wanna have one?

  • It's not compulsory in this country.

  • Is that unfair on them, the ones that don't wanna have it, that's not very nice their decision.

  • That's their choice.

  • But I think it's going to mean that they won't get a job.

  • It won't be able to go cross restaurants, fears or even travel.

  • So that's their choice ministers, except that other countries are likely to ask for vaccine passports before we can travel abroad.

  • But some say using them at home is unfair.

  • It's really important that the government holds fast to the idea that vaccination is voluntary.

  • It's a fundamental right that we should be able to choose what medical treatment we have all we don't have on.

  • But inevitably those people who would be most disadvantaged by any system would be those people who are already marginalized, already poorer or already disadvantaged in other ways.

  • For weeks, the government's ruled out of vaccine, passport or certificate for domestic use.

  • But that's now changed is going to be a review, and ministers say they're going into it with an open mind.

  • One idea being looked at is to use the existing NHS app so people can record whether they've bean vaccinated or had a negative test before they enter a venue.

  • The government knows that vaccinations and testing of the key toe opening up many businesses, but they need to avoid a divisive two tier system.

  • Vicky Young, BBC News Westminster Our home editor, Mark Eastern, is with me listening carefully to the prime minister.

  • Their market didn't sound a tall certain as to whether he wanted it or not.

  • I think you could hear the equivocation in his voice when talking about a vaccination passport.

  • Conservative ministers are generally pretty queasy about the idea of identification papers.

  • You'll remember 20 years ago the row over ID cards, which were portrayed us as, um British.

  • But there is, I think, a certain inevitability about some kind of vaccine passport.

  • And that's why the government is looking at whether the NHS app the one we we used to to check our medical records and test results, whether that could be adapted securely to show both vaccination status and Vicky was saying covert status and the thought is that if you can show either that you've had a jab or that you've recently tested negative, that actually gets round the discrimination problem of people who cannot or prefer not toe have the vaccine.

  • But there's a lot more work to be done there are technical questions about how you make sure that that confidential medical data is safe and secure, and practical questions about how you make sure that the passport is available toe all and acceptable by all, not just nationally but internationally.

  • We know that major airlines are already saying they're going to demand a vaccine certificate to fly to certain places on countries like Greece are encouraging the you to introduce the vaccine certificate for tourists to go on holiday this summer.

  • S o.

  • Some politicians may not like the idea of having state papers required to go to the pub bore the football or the theater.

  • This may just be another example of how the pandemic is.

  • Is forcing society really to adapt to new and often uncomfortable ways?

  • Mark?

  • Many thanks again.

  • Mark Easton.

The prime minister has confirmed that the UK government will consider the case for the introduction off so called vaccine passports.

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UK considers “vaccine passports” to prove Covid protection - BBC News

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