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  • think about this for a second.

  • This is one thing that has not been brought up.

  • It all on Key and J you tell me which was more bizarre.

  • The entry of whence or the exit of Wint's think all the way back to 2016.

  • The draft.

  • Carson Wentz, Do you guys remember what happened the weekend before the season started that year?

  • Carson Wentz is ready to go.

  • Sam Bradford at that time is your number one Chase Daniels, your number two and Doug.

  • Everybody was saying that, essentially, look, Carson Wentz is probably gonna be the three.

  • He may not even be active on some game days.

  • We're just gonna take it slow, but this is definitely our guy.

  • What happened the weekend before the season They traded out of nowhere.

  • Sam Bradford to the Minnesota Vikings.

  • Why did that happen?

  • Because Teddy Bridgewater went down in Minnesota with the horrific injury and the weekend before the season.

  • You don't ever see this in the NFL.

  • The weekend before the season started, the Eagles traded their starting quarterback the weekend before it started to the Minnesota Vikings.

  • At that moment, Carson Wentz was geese hunting in New Jersey.

  • J.

  • I've never won geese hunting you grew up in just I've never been decided.

  • Not Southern Jersey.

  • Very rural, Really.

  • That's the thing down there.

  • So he's geese hunting like he's in North Dakota.

  • He gets the call.

  • You're Q B one we just traded you.

  • What did they get a one for?

  • Yeah, Yeah, a couple months.

  • Yeah, So it's a pretty good.

  • That was a bonehead deal on, you know, and Sam's out of the league.

  • He's always been injured, but my point there is.

  • That's how whence became the starter.

  • Odd set of circumstances.

  • Trade the starter.

  • Boom.

  • You're the guy is key.

  • Said Started three, you know, didn't throw a pick till his fourth game.

  • Weird way to get in.

  • Was it weirder the way it all ended?

  • Well, he got drafted to overall.

  • So you you assume that he was going to wind up being a start at some point throughout the course of the season?

  • Um, it was it was weird the way it ended because I assume like many that once Doug Peterson was fired and they brought in a new head coach that the reason that they did that was to try toe, I don't know.

  • Bridge the Gap meat meet in the middle.

  • Something along the lines of Carson wins, and then all of a sudden he becomes trade bait.

  • I didn't expect that at all.

  • I don't think I don't know if he did early on, when they probably made the initial firing.

  • I don't think that he looked at and said he probably looked at was like, Oh, God, they got rid of this guy Thank God, you know.

  • And then all of a sudden, his name surfaces as a possible trade destination and it became the Indianapolis coach.

  • And now he's on the move.

  • J.

  • What's his legacy?

  • He did say over the weekend.

  • Thank the fans.

  • We we won a Super Bowl, which he was largely responsible for for a regular season brilliance in 2017.

  • What's his legacy in Philly?

  • Now that it's all done, he's a Super Bowl champion.

  • Will he be remembered as a closer?

  • No, that's Nick Foles, and there's a statue outside their stadium that proves that.

  • But he was the reason why they got number one seed, right?

  • If he doesn't play that well, they're never in that position to begin with.

  • But I think more importantly, I he will be a by standard oven organizational failure of monumental proportions.

  • One thing that's what I think the legacy is for him.

  • I would totally agree with you.

  • They don't get there without him.

  • They needed them both to get there.

  • And it's amazing that they brought him both back the following year, and they needed member folds the following year to get through the double doink playoff game.

  • One thing that's important to note is, why did they make the move at this particular point?

  • Sal Paolantonio has come on the show.

  • He came on last week and said, Listen, from the moment the season ended, you knew when it was gone, Salad didn't think they were gonna be able to get a first round pick.

  • But remember, once the league year commences on March 17th, they owed Carson Wentz his base salary plus a $10 million roster bonus.

  • So they had to make the move because there was no way they were gonna pay him that salary and the $10 million on the 17th that speeds up the deadline.

think about this for a second.

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What will Carson Wentz’s legacy be with the Eagles? | Keyshawn, JWill & Zubin

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