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  • Hello and welcome to The English

  • We Speak. I'm Feifei.

  • And I'm Roy! I'm glad you're here, Feifei.

  • I'm really upset! Rob just sent me an email

  • saying 'thanks for all my hard work

  • and that I was a goat!'

  • I think that email was intended for me - for

  • I am the GOAT. It makes me very happy

  • when people call me that!

  • You like being called a goat?

  • No, Roy. GOAT is an acronym for

  • the 'Greatest Of All Time'. That's why

  • that email was meant for me.

  • Ahhh that makes more sense

  • about why Rob would call me a GOAT,

  • because I did bake him over

  • a thousand biscuits.

  • Well, I'll buy him 2000 biscuits

  • from the shop and then we'll see

  • who Rob thinks is the GOAT.

  • Clearly everyone thinks it's me.

  • You're very competitive, Feifei!

  • Plus, I baked, not bought the biscuits.

  • Let's calm down while we

  • listen to some examples.

  • That footballer is truly amazing.

  • Every ball she touches ends in

  • a goal. She's the GOAT!

  • Have you seen the new film in

  • the Pelican series? The special effects,

  • story and acting are all perfect.

  • It's the GOAT.

  • My friend said that Ed Sheeran is

  • the GOAT, but I'm not sure I agree.

  • He's not my favourite artist.

  • This is The English We Speak from

  • BBC Learning English, and we're

  • talking about the expression 'GOAT'.

  • 'GOAT' is short for 'greatest of all time'

  • and is used to talk about things or

  • people that we think are the best.

  • Yes, for example footballers or other

  • sports stars who you think are

  • number 1. You can call them the GOAT.

  • It can be a way to express your opinion.

  • You can even use it for video games or films.

  • For example, the film that I think

  • is the GOAT is ...

  • Don't even finish that sentence, Roy!

  • No film that you like could be considered

  • good - let alone the GOAT.

  • Right - well, at least Rob thinks that

  • I'm the GOAT. I'll go and say thanks

  • to him for his kind email!

  • OK Roy, bye!

  • Bye!

Hello and welcome to The English

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GOAT - The English We Speak

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