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  • Let's give the ages We've got Zayn was 20 Brandon Ingram 23 Tatum's 22 Jalen Brown is 24.

  • Which means that they could all basically start a franchise and be a superstar on a team.

  • If you had to choose just one, though, Jalen, who would you start your team with?

  • So if I told you, they may be young, but they're ready, Would you know?

  • That's Keith Sweat?

  • Absolutely.

  • Beyonce.

  • Yeah.

  • Okay.

  • I'm just saying just saying we go through this.

  • We did.

  • We did.

  • Okay, so first and foremost, you gotta go with Jason Tatum.

  • Because if you have an elite perimeter player on the wing, just look in today's game.

  • LeBron James, Koala Leonard, Kevin Durant.

  • Even the history of the game.

  • You gotta Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen like these air game changing players.

  • He can shoot.

  • The three could create off the dribble.

  • He's shown to be clutch, and he's a young leader for this Boston Celtic team.

  • But number two I have to go with mountains.

  • I in like he's a bull in a china shop.

  • We're gonna be enthusiastic about his dunks and rightfully so, but won't.

  • He has a great handle.

  • He has a terrific attitude and infectious personality.

  • He loves the past.

  • Teammates open.

  • Yeah, we're splitting hairs with all of these guys.

  • All four are legitimate franchise guys.

  • I kind of did an informal poll of some, uh, top GM in the league this morning.

  • I expected for them to go with jailings.

  • Answer of Jayson Tatum.

  • Uh, they didn't.

  • They had a few of them Jalen Brown at the top.

  • As a two way player.

  • You've seen what Brown has done this season.

  • He's on pace to average, to be the second Celtic in history to average 25 points, 50% shooting and 40% shooting from three point range.

  • The only other Celtic Larry Bird who has done that.

  • You've seen him elevate offensively, but a couple of GM's brought up this point.

  • Leave it to their owners about who they take in that group.

  • And it might be Zion Williamson because of his box office appeal.

  • Uh, listen through these air, all players who certainly are going to be cornerstones for this league for years to come.

  • Yeah, Zion for sure is going to sell tickets.

  • We know what he brings us something like we've never actually seen before.

  • Andi, like you mentioned Jalen Brown.

  • He's elevated, You know, his level of play every time he's been given the opportunity.

  • Which brings up the question of just potential in general, Who do you feel like has the most potential off that group?

  • I gotta go with Zion, and the reason why is because he is box office.

  • He's still going to give me big time numbers.

  • And, ah, lot of times when we talk about a guy getting buckets, he plays on the perimeter.

  • When you talk about somebody being dominant, he plays on the interior and that Zion, he averages on 19 points in the paint.

  • Yes, and he's a bull in the China shop, so he would have to be my choice.

  • It's like shock bringing the ball up, taking the ball out of the rim, Yeah, going close to go.

  • And that's That's the thing with Zion.

  • He is so unique.

  • We haven't seen anyone exactly like him in the past.

  • We've seen Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown.

  • We know what that looks like.

  • Classical wing combo forwards in the NBA.

  • I think you've seen Zion with the ball in his hands, Mawr running the offense through, and I think people look it.

  • You know, the history of injury and that's something when you're splitting here is you say, Can he stay healthy?

  • He's certainly done that this year.

  • But listen, it's just Zion represents a whole new way, UH, to build a franchise around a singular players.

  • It's exciting to see how that plays out.

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Let's give the ages We've got Zayn was 20 Brandon Ingram 23 Tatum's 22 Jalen Brown is 24.

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