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  • I've got black letter barrister on, Instagram says.

  • How can we make London more accessible?

  • It's so hard for anyone to drive through London anymore, and it's a great point that you make.

  • I was in Ealing about two weeks ago, and basically it felt like the entire community came out on the street and, you know, in a socially distance way were yelling at me saying, Brian, these low traffic neighborhoods are killing our neighborhood, quite literally, killing it.

  • They say ambulances can't get access to save lives.

  • They say there's no traffic and businesses were going bankrupt.

  • They say.

  • One of the men said, I can't visit my family because of these barricades.

  • I'm getting finds just to try to drive through this neighborhood.

  • And guess what?

  • I'm actually driving more miles admissions air up at the same time, and so we've looked what the mayor has done.

  • He's increase your congestion charge.

  • He's extended it.

  • He's putting these Elton's.

  • He's raising millions of pounds from Burrows in a time of economic recession in order to pay for his bankrupt transportation system.

  • I think that's totally unacceptable in a gentleman named Mark and healing, Um and, uh, you probably see a video of him soon was he was visibly agitated and for good reason.

  • And again, as I told Mark in the beginning of this video, I said, Mark, I'm actually I haven't been elected mayor yet.

  • Eso I can't solve these problems yet, but I know how to solve these problems And he said, Brian, I know I said, I appreciate you're trying to solve these problems, but I'm so angry because no one's listening to us and these things affect my life every single day.

  • And so he was right to be upset, and I appreciate him talking to me that day, and it meant a lot to me.

  • So, yes, we've got to get London moving.

  • And it means getting rid of this ridiculous street space game the mayor came up with that was just ruled illegal in the high court, saying that he rushed it through during the pandemic on Get.

  • He's appealing this, and in the meantime, handicapped people can't even get picked up by taxi cab drivers on Bishop's Gate.

I've got black letter barrister on, Instagram says.

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"No One Is Listening To Us" | Why London's Citizens Are Frustrated With These LTNs - Brian Rose

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/23
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