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  • Well, if you like offense, why do we have a game for you tonight on ESPN?

  • It's the Nets.

  • It's the Clippers, and Brooklyn leads the MBA an offensive efficiency and field goal percentage this season.

  • As for the Clippers, they're making 42% of their three pointers, which is best in the n b A.

  • And now that we've been able Thio digest the Nets, we've been able to take a look at the Big Three Kyrie Katie and James Harden.

  • Jalen Rose still here with us, Adrian Jordanovski and I want to know J.

  • Rose, who has impressed you the most so far out of the Big Three.

  • So I know we've talked a lot about Kyrie burning sage and his walking stick, but the thing that's actually impressed me more is James Harden ability to play, make and stop me If you heard me say this before, he's the most unique offensive weapons in the history of the NBA and follow me here.

  • He's the Onley player in the history of the league at some point of his career that will lead the league in three pointers.

  • Made free throws, made total assists in the same in a season, and this will be his second time leading it in assists.

  • Usually, the guy that's making the threes ain't leading the league in assists.

  • You do.

  • The guys getting to the free throw line ain't making the most threes.

  • That's James Harden, and you wondered how he was going to adjust and playing in Brooklyn.

  • And it seems as though he's made that adjustment to fit into the offense and make it work.

  • Absolutely, he has to because the other guys already have chips.

  • And he was the guy that had to suppress his game and also had to break up with his former situation and make everybody in Houston mad at him in order to get there.

  • Yeah, Kevin Durant, still working his way back from that hamstring injury.

  • He's missed four straight games after having been back one game, one practice and having missed a whole other week with Kobe issues.

  • And and I'm told that they're going to just start to ramp Durant back up in practice.

  • They're not gonna just put him back on the court in a game, so they're still gonna be some time there.

  • But this Brooklyn team, even without Durant continues to roll on this Western Conference swing, and you know they've got a lot of latitude thereto.

  • Let k d get back to 100% and then bring him back and start to see something we really haven't seen this year.

  • Durant, Harden and Irving playing together over a consistent basis.

  • Yeah, as we get closer closer to the second half of the season, you wanna be able to see that.

  • But let's talk about the Clippers because they have been rolling in the West.

  • They've won five of their last six games.

  • What would you say has been the turning point for them or what's working?

  • Well, right now, I got you.

  • The last year in the history of the Clippers was the first time they went into a year, and people like me felt like they were legitimate championship contender and they folded under those expectations.

  • Co.

  • I still great.

  • He's still top two or three.

  • Player Paul George is still all NBA performer, but they got humbled last year.

  • It's exactly what we were saying about Joel and B.

  • He got humbled.

  • And so now what are you gonna do when that happens?

  • If you notice Head down there just grinding, playing basketball, not laughing that Dame Lillard not creating no side shows.

  • Because when you get bounced not by the Lakers but by the Denver Nuggets.

  • When you were up 31 and your two best players in the game on the sideline, you ain't got nothing to say to the playoffs.

  • Yeah, it will be interesting.

  • Now, toe watch.

  • Uh, the Clippers developed this bench and their second union second unit.

  • You know, it's Paul.

  • George has come back from that toe injury, you know, his minutes air still getting ramp back up.

  • You know, he's in that 25 26 minute rain.

  • So you're not necessarily seeing him go play with that second unit of the Clippers where the ball is gonna go through him.

  • Mawr eso.

  • You're seeing Lou Williams and Marcus Morris, who they re signed in the off season four years, $64 million he has started to play better, has been more productive.

  • That's gonna be really important for the Clippers.

  • Is they?

  • Look at the long view off of advancing deeper in the postseason.

  • Yeah, well, the Clippers, looking to add another win into their back pocket, and that will happen tonight.

  • Like we said on ESPN.

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Well, if you like offense, why do we have a game for you tonight on ESPN?

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Jalen Rose praises James Harden’s playmaking ability | NBA Countdown

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