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  • Welcome to Dino News.

  • Well, there's never a dull day in Cretaceous today.

  • We caught up with Mozzie, who was out in the field on Gigante.

  • A watch, and there wasn't much to report at first.

  • Check into.

  • It's pretty quiet.

  • Yeah, he seemed like a Rio Dino Snoras.

  • I started thinking today might be our first born Dane Cretaceous.

  • How exciting.

  • But then Oh, wait.

  • I see the problem.

  • He has a toothache.

  • Toothache, then he's really gigantic.

  • Sore?

  • Get it?

  • Tiny was joking, but this was no laughing matter.

  • Dinosaurs were probably the first creatures on earth to get two things.

  • And it was a serious thing.

  • A Dina with a bad toothache, most likely couldn't eat, couldn't eat.

  • What's worse than that?

  • You're right, Mazu.

  • This is serious.

  • Gigante told her.

  • And we've gotta help him.

  • Yes, and I think I might know how.

  • So we made a plan failing.

  • Rocky went to get a long bamboo stick from the lake Tiny and I went to collect a special SAPTA.

  • He'll drag Antos too.

  • Hey, Gigante, who's got a boo boo makes him cry Boo!

  • And now we got the good goo.

  • Soon he'll chair woo hoo that's tiny being silly.

  • Seriously, though, did you know the different kinds of dinosaurs had different kinds of teeth?

  • Plant eaters had Blatter teeth that were good for pulling leaves off plants and trees or for grinding them up.

  • But meat eaters like T.

  • Rex and Clesius Oris had sharp teeth shaped like cones that were good for catching prey.

  • Did you say please e a saurus like term E?

  • That's when we saw Term E had Bill.

  • Hey, let go of our friends, Finders, keepers, losers weepers.

  • Oh, I guess you're a weeper now.

  • Oh, no, you don't tiny add to save us I was worried her silliness would get in the way.

  • Hey, Tommy, how do you like to hear a funny song?

  • Ooh, I love dinner theater.

  • No one could be cooler.

  • No one could be greater than a great big, awesome German and Nater.

  • Hey, I like that song.

  • It's true that I'm cool and great and awesome things.

  • The more what Grace?

  • What style are good Old term e The face that's Mom makes everyone score me.

  • What Grace?

  • What style are good old army?

  • My face My smile makes everyone squirmy, But it turned out.

  • Her silliness saved us way We're ready to treat.

  • Gigante owes to think.

  • Let's roll time to be serious.

  • It's working.

  • Yes.

  • Did you know that most Dino's lost hundreds of teeth in their lifetime and grew them back?

  • Whoa.

  • That's a lot of work from the tooth fairy.

  • Oh, my friends.

Welcome to Dino News.

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Dino Teeth | Gigantosaurus: Dino News | @Disney Junior

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